Picked up On Steam Sale anyone wanna play? (Mac)

#1 Posted by Zecks23 (187 posts) -

I'm level 14 and on the Oasis mission, I'm not quite sure how the co-op works but I've only ever played the first game by myself and still loved it but thought that I'd try this second one with some friends but they've all beaten it or have it on a different platform but hey we're all duders here if anyone wants to play add me on steam Zecks23 or any other mac game that you might wanna play together. I know macs aren't great gaming machine but it runs Borderlands 2 quite capably on decent settings and I have a pretty good internet connection. Just thought I'd ask,

Have a good one everyone

PS Eastern Time Zone

#2 Posted by kindnivore (2954 posts) -

Not sure if I can play with you, but if PC can coexist with Mac, hit me up!

steamID: 'ck1nd'. I'm under the alias of 'kindgineer'

#3 Posted by Mike (14592 posts) -

There is PC & Mac cross platform play for Borderlands 2 as long as both are running the same version of the game.


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