Problem with Sawtooth Cauldron

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Quick question: if you press ahead with side quests and don't do the main storyline, is there any way to actually leave the region without being able to use the elevator?

EDIT: Reason I ask is because I've been running around the entire area, killing off guys and doing all the quests I can, but now that its time to turn them in, I can't get the elevator to come down to let me get back up and leave the area. No Fast travel, as far as I've been able to find, is available on the lower sections of the map. I sincerely doubt this was planned for, but at this time, I've no means to leave the area and if that means I have to redo the entire campaign well... nothing against borderlands 2 players or even the developers because I do enjoy borderlands, but I'll be thinking twice about buying another game in the future...

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Uh, you don't need the elevator to go to the fast travel station.

In the left screenshoot I'm standing in the exit, and in the right I'm facing the elevator. Just go east of the elevator and you'll find the exit that leads to the large northern area then use the small narrow path that's on the western end of that big area.

And yes the elevator is a part of the main quest so. The map really does suck in Borderlands 2, you've got multiple levels of varying heights and you have to look at them all simultaneously, it's a mess.

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Im stuck here too, I head east from the elevator, but where im sure the exit should be, there is just an impassable black rectangle.

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I got lost here too, because the map is fucking awful. If you're in that lower area with all the shanty's, you're in the wrong place.

On another note, I don't really understand people who play games now. It's like as soon as their brain can't comprehend the problem they're having they immediately freak out, call it a glitch, or complain about how "broken" a game is and how they'll never buy another game from company X ever again.

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I did the side quests there before doing the main story and I was able to leave. Don't know how you are having trouble since the map is pretty straightforward.

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@no1baggiesfan: @PhNx_Hellfire:

Ignore the elevator in the middle underground, it leads to the top of the tower and is only for the main story quest.

There is a huge ramp outside, that will allow you to get back up the the start of the zone. From the elevator head east (map right). Then go directly North (map top). Illustrations follow with red arrows pointing where to go click the images to enlarge:

standing next to the elevator, black arrow is me
ingame view from that position
north exit out of underground, again i'm the black arrow
looking at the underground exit, same position as the map above
ramp on the outside
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@Tennmuerti: This is super helpful. Thank you for this.

As an alternative you can just save and quit and reload to spawn right by the fast-travel station.

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Thank you for that detailed reply Tennmuerti, I can get outside easy, but all my exits are blacked off, the game is telling me to go somewhere I cannot get to.

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lol, I just quit and reloaded the game, now I can exit the previously blacked out exit, crazy, I spent 3 hours in that dam rat hole :D

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@no1baggiesfan said:

Thank you for that detailed reply Tennmuerti, I can get outside easy, but all my exits are blacked off, the game is telling me to go somewhere I cannot get to.

I can't help much with this little information. Can you provide a pic? Where are you exactly standing?

If you are outside already then there should not be any exists between you and the travel station at all. You can just go up the large ramp straight to it, it's all in an open area.

Also like @HistoryInRust: mentioned you should be able to just quit out of the current game session, reload, and you will be at the nearest travel station or checkpoint.

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@no1baggiesfan: It's especially frustrating level design coupled with an infuriating map system. I feel your pain and did the exact same thing until I was finally like, "Oh, duh. I can just quit and reload." But it's a bummer to use that tactic if you have other folks playing in your server.

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Dude you are not alone. I wanted to go to bed and got stuck there last night. There is a way out. But yeah it was a bit of a freakout at 1AM on a Monday night.

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