Sal Build of fury (pretty fun)

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Ok to start of there are a few item requirements for this play style your going to want

  • Mad Moxxis Rubi
  • Orphan maker shotgun ( Pirate dlc)
  • Flame of the firehawk shield
  • Legendary gunzerker class mod
  • 50 % max health relic


Above is my skill tree for said build^

This build revolves around being :

  • Super fast
  • Tanking alot of damage
  • AOE blasting everything to bits

How it comes together: You use the cursed orphan maker to drain and maintain the AOE fire blast of the fire hawk shield while you run around at roughly 130% faster then you normally would while Salvador's Healing skills and Rubi's enchantment keep you healed overall ive been having alot of fun doing this and thought i would share it with you guys. Thoughts?

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Also you could potentially swap out the orphan maker and the Flame of the fire hawk and go with double rubis and the love thumper shield for a similar experience with more OP Health Regen

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