Shift Account : PS3 to 360?

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I already have the game on PS3, I ordered it for 360 off Amazon on a Black Friday deal as I'm in the process of probably selling my PS3 (Borderlands 2 is literally the only game I played on my PS3 since Infamous 2, its a big Blu-Ray player to me). I was wondering if the seven golden keys I have banked on my Shift account would transfer over to the 360 version if I sign in with my account?

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Nope, shift codes are platform specific

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@RAMBO604: I believe that while, as points out, Shift codes are platform specific, the golden keys are tied to your SHiFT account, and as such are cross-platform... but that's just my understanding of the situation.

Technically, you should get another key for each platform you link to SHiFT from the game (website linking does not provide additional keys).

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@Mnemoidian: That is my reasoning for thinking it would work. Your account can be linked with multiple systems. They would probably expect a few people to intermingle between 360, PS3, and Steam. It would almost seem punitive to have the account for the SHiFT service and not do anything for that small segment of people who bought multiple copies.

I'll at least get a few when I get it, didn't get DLC and I was going to buy the Season Pass and Gage when my 360 copy arrives. I know Gage gets you a key and the Pass might come with one as well.

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