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I noticed that the slot machine price in Sanctuary increased as I used it. I only noticed one price increase but does anyone know when they increase? Is it dependent on how many times you use it or how far into the game you are?

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Do you mean it increased directly after using it, or that you came back and the price was higher than you remembered last time? I believe it increases at certain points in the main questline. I don't want to name any examples in case you aren't that far yet, but whenever you notice the gear sold in the vendors rise in level/quality you've past one of those marks where they bump up the stuff in Sanctuary. I'm not 100% positive on that, but given how the shops work I'd assume the slot machine operates in the same way.

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Yeah I mean it increased after a period of time when I came back to them, not immediately after using it. But that makes sense I figured it was something like that. Thanks!

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price goes up according to your level

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@buft said:

price goes up according to your level

Both price and drops are according to the level of the game creator. If a lvl 35 creates a game, the price and gear will be scaled for lvl 35, regardless of who uses the machine.

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