so how does loot work in co op?

#1 Posted by SilenceUK (353 posts) -

Just wondering will i suffer if i let randoms into my game? do we get loot for our selves ala diablo 3 or is it a loot grab fest?

#2 Posted by Roland_D11 (196 posts) -

Prepare to fight over your loot if you play with randoms, it is a grab fest.

#3 Posted by BlastProcessing (947 posts) -
Grab dat loot
#4 Posted by project343 (2884 posts) -

Instanced loot would be amazing, but it's FFA. The counter to this is that the game drops better loot (and tougher enemies) with more players.

#5 Posted by chilibean_3 (1850 posts) -

Laaaaaaaaaame. And that explains the Quick Look moment where the other dude was asking for a trade after Jeff took everything out of the loot chest.

#6 Posted by Karkarov (3387 posts) -

Well the good thing is that all money and ammo loot is shared. But yeah, you will be fighting over guns. Personally I never got why anyone would play a game like this with randoms anyway. It is great fun with a group of people you are actually friends with though I am sure.

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