So Hyperius is kinda of a pain

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Hyperius the invincible is the new Terramorphus style boss in the new DLC.He starts with 4 robot minions that he can shield and heal and them he has this weird attack that seems to be unavoidable that does a ton of damage.I was wondering if anyone has managed to solo him or know how his attack pattern works? I know hes not meant to soloed but im having a hard time finding a good group to face him with.My Gamertag is RawrIsmash if anyone is interested in helping.I would also like to know if he drops seraph crystals only,as I understand you trade those in for gear in Oasis and that he doesnt actually drop anything else.

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Bee + Conference Call

#3 Posted by Smokay (543 posts) -


I tought they nerfed the Bee?

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Yeah, he's no joke with those shields and that red shock wave attack. Me and a buddy tried a few times to kill him tonight with no success. We'll try again tomorrow but as far as difficulty goes, he blows Terramorphous outta the water.

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@Smokay: He'll drop seraph crystals and some other loot, but I didn't get any oranges from when I beat him. Also, just from glancing over seraph weapons...not worth the raids. They kinda suck.

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@Smokay: Three people with bee + conference call can down him easily. If you have a full group without those OP items, you can still do it, just have to focus on him and ignore bots. Also doesn't hurt to have someone built for maximum ehp to revive and/or reviving sirens.

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Anyone on 360 wanna help me kill him so I can get the achievement? 

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I can help you out,my gamertag is RawrIsmash ill be on tommorow evening.

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@Smokay said:


I can help you out,my gamertag is RawrIsmash ill be on tommorow evening.

I can get the robots down alone. Just issues with his final form. HumanxHammer is me. 
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After you beat Hyperius you have to go kill Master Gee. Pro tip for Master Gee. Kill worms and draw him into acid. You can't damage him with weapons.

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There's a pipe on the left right after you enter that you can use to break LoS and avoid his AoE attacks. What I did was go in fully DPS specced into my Siren with Bee and myriad guns while my friend ran his Gunzerker fully specced for durability/survivability. He would kite Hyperius to the left side of the arena so I could avoid taking any damage and I would pop in and out to damage him, the robots, and rez my friend if need be with Phaselock. I brought my Good Touch from Moxxi to keep my HP capped when necessary and shot my friend with healing whenever he was in danger of dying to the two-nova combo. We actually had a third player in the game but not participating in the fight so he was 3-players tough and we still managed to duo him with little difficulty.

No idea about solo though. Bee + CC doesn't do anywhere near enough damage to burn him down, he has crazy amounts of life. I could unload multiple clips into him and he would barely lose a sliver. Best I can think of is give yourself tons of HP/Shields, make sure you have a way to regen your health quickly, and get really good at dodging projectiles. Either that or get the Baby Maker SMG, that seems to be pretty effective.

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I get home at pm est time anyone wanna kill this dude with me? 360 version.

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