So, Physx is working on my ATI card.... That cant be right

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So im not sure if its working in its full capacity but turning Physx up changes the physics for me. We all know its a gimmick anyways but i was under the impression it was supposed to be locked for ATI users compleaty. Im guessing that it only partially works or they screwed something up but as far as i can see it looks about the same as it dose in there demo and im running a 6970. Am i missing something?

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you have cloth tearing and such ? hmnz

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@rebgav said:

Not 100% sure but you should be able to run physx on your CPU regardless of the brand, you just can't run it on your GPU if it's an AMD card.


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Ok, was always under the impression that if you were running ati it locked you out completely. I disabled it anyways as i took quite a performance hit with it on but it is a nice effect.

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@dudy80: Yeah, the performance hit is pretty bad when it runs off the CPU, so a lot of games will lock you out, especially from the higher settings.

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I was running it on high and it didn't hurt my system to much. (ati too)

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Everything's running on max at 1920x1080, including PhsyX and I'm yet to drop under 60fps. Looks tasty as fuck. ATI here too.

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Weird. I have an ATI 5850 and a Nvidia 430 GT installed in my system in order to use the Hybrid PhysX mod, and I still had to change an ini file to get PhysX to work, since the option was grayed out for me in the settings menu.

My new computer is going to just have Nvidia cards, though, because I don't want to mess with the hybrid setup anymore...and I do like the PhysX effects (hardware-based PhysX, obviously).

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