Solo Class for UVHM?

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So since we're getting even more DLC next week I figured it was a good time to jump back into BL2. But then I remembered why I quit last time; I simply couldn't advance any further with my level 57 Maya in UVHM. Please note that I'm not complaining regarding the difficulty, I'm well aware of that it's supposed to be hard, but I think Maya is simply too squishy for my taste. I've been trying to gather info regarding what class / spec have an easier time with solo play in UVHM, and I'm seeing a lot of talk about Salvador and Kreig (even some Mechromancer).

What do you suggest? Got an awesome build in mind to share? Thanks!

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Maya is fine in UVHM, just use ruin and sub-sequence. Whoever you use, make sure they can easily slag. If you have the Tiny Tina DLC, make sure you get the magic missile grenades, especially if you're using a character or build that doesn't have slag abilities. Enemies in UVHM have 4 times as much health, but take 3 times as much damage after they are slagged.

What section of the game are you at, anyhow? The boss of the wild life preserve was probably the worst of it, for me personally.

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@spaceinsomniac: Thanks for the input! Currently at the point where you're going back to Sanctuary, after it was transported away. Been using the skill points you mentioned as well. Guess I just got the impression that Maya in particular was more difficult in solo than other classes, so was mostly looking for some comparison. :P

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