The Borderlands 2 Screenshot & Video Thread

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Possible Spoilers Below This Point

Now that Borderlands 2 is out in the civilised parts of the world, let us all share in the showing off of our crazy characters, gazillions of guns, monstrous monsters, lustrous loot and the madcap mayhem that ensues from the sweet sweet mix of all these things. That's right, we're baking a Bordercake, and everyone's invited to lick the spoon.

In a slight departure from my usual sexyscreenshotthreads, I am now officially (no one is more official) allowing videos up in here, due to the lively nature of most of the action in Borderlands 2, which might be best expressed in moving picture form. This does not mean you are to invoke sweet sweet YouTube spam, write about what your clip is showing, why you captured it, what's going on, all that good stuff.

What up?
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@Tennmuerti: Sounds good to me!

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Wow looks great, I'm playing through Borderlands (1) right now and that too also looks great. I think because of the two games art style they just will hold up so well.

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I found a friend!

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Here's my first character, also my main atm, getting close to the end. Going for an old biker look here:


Also for funzies:

enlarge to make readable :D

@rebgav: HA! I have the same looking siren :P

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I don't even like or play Minecraft but probably one of the best easter eggs ever.

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My reaction when I entered this thread:

My reaction when I read this:

@Fattony12000 said:

Possible Spoilers Below This Point

Yeah.... I'm not gonna read this topic or participate in it, nor will many others if you're allowing spoilers! Why not just disallow them or ask for all spoilers to be tagged and titled?

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@AhmadMetallic: Thanks!

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This guy is my hero
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This thread is great, I have the same Zero so I guess I'm boring.

Yes, please!
Who is Rich Fleider?!
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@Lazyaza: Whoa! Where was that at?

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@loganWTF said:

@Lazyaza: Whoa! Where was that at?

Caustic Caverns, head north west to the end of the mine cart tracks and look right you'll see 2 strangely cube shaped rocks, jump over them look left and you'll see the Minecraft dirt cubes you need to smash to get in to the cave with the Creepers. They drop the skin/head items.

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139 377 brown

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Found this at lunch today
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Eridium is HUGE
Guardian Angel swears
Roland/Lilith twitter
Won't someone think of the robot children?!
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Moxxi cleaning the bar with a SMG.
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Loading Video...

Some footage I recorded of Fink's arena. Skip to 1:34 to avoid the nonsense, tried to embed it in the video to start there but it didn't work :p

Spec I got is mainly hp/regen along with trying to get as much time in zerker mode as possible, got some ammo points too which help out with the shotgun as you'll see at times (means I can fire it a shit load at once). At first I had issues with Salvador, you go down fast until you spec it out right - well I went down fast with my play style.

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Won't someone think of the robot children?!

Have ya seen that robot? I was in an area and got halfway through and had to quit out. Went to that same area the next day and he was running around. I found it somewhat funny because he was out of place in the area he was in. Not sure if it was just random or if he is always there.

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@handlas: I think it might be random. I'm just guessing that because I've seen and killed two of them.

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