The Official Borderlands 2 PSN Co-op Friendship Badass Thread!

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As the title states, drop your SEN (Not PSN accounts anymore ladies!) username and I'll drop it into the table below. This thread is for you guys to friend up and start shooting Handsome Jack's robots in the face.

Thank me also because I'm not getting the game and I'm making this for you lazy PS3 buggers (and because wmaustin55 doesn't know how to make tables) ! Or just thank me by sending me a copy.

Giantbomb UsernameSEN (PSN) Username

<--- Too lazy to find a better picture.

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@awesomeusername: No one, not even Sony, says SEN for PSN accounts.


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NOW THAT WE HAVE THAT OUT OF THE WAY, JOINNNN. srsly, we need ps3 duders

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Sign me up.

Warning though: My first playthrough will be SOLO only. I'll do co-op stuff afterwards.

SEN: Solh0und

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hopefully my copy shows up tuesday, or maybe if I have nothing to do I might go buy it anyways. I be playing at lots of different times.

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same as my name here. add me!

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PSN: LordToastington. I'll be on at night for the most part.

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I'm down for the cause duders

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PSN: unlogik

I'll be rolling Axton for my first solo play-through then probably a Sniper Zer0 for Co-op after!

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PSN/SEN :) : LarcenousLaugh

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PSN: pazzoraniolo

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PSN: peachesrcool

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PSN: Tha36thChamber

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PSN: Asmo917. US Easter time zone, playing evenings and weekends. Splitting time between PS3 and 360.

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PSN: Droinn

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PSN ID - Kokuatree

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ID: BurlyJoeOaks

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PSN: Pakman2920

Note: please type "Giantbomb" or "GB" on the friend request message 8)

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PSN: chicubs223420

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PSN: Starbuck3188

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PSN: RE_Player

Please put "Giant Bomb" or "GB" or something signifying you got my PSN from this thread. I've got so much random PSN friend requests lately it's annoying.

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PSN: Greeny83
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PSN: morrelloman

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PSN: IsMyBarrelClean

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SEN ID - Rokyracoon68

Edit @PAkman5009 said:

Note: please type "Giantbomb" or "GB" on the friend request message 8)

And do this too please

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PSN/SEN: Apruncelle

Drop me something easy to recognize in the message?

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PSN: PositiveCalvin

I'm in the US in Texas (Central Time) and mostly play Thursday Friday and Saturday evenings

Put Giant Bomb or Borderlands in the message. I think I'm going with the Soldier character this game if it makes a difference to anyone.

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PSN ID: Kingboruc

Please add me because the couple of friends who I thought would get it are broke, need people to play co-op with

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PSN: jou321

Thanks for the list!

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PSN: Gasman2k9

It would also be awesome if you also play Zen Pinball 2. Have no friends who play it so don't know how bad I am.

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#34 Posted by MrMazz (1170 posts) -

SEN MaZZacare

I just have it set to open atm to see if anyone randomly pops in

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would love to get some online co-op in after my current play through

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I guess I'll play some co op , but I'm planning on mainly playin solo .


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is there no txt chat in-game?!

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@Gasman2000 said:

PSN: Gasman2k9

It would also be awesome if you also play Zen Pinball 2. Have no friends who play it so don't know how bad I am.

I've been occupied with recent releases, but I loved Marvel Pinball & will surely play a lot of Zen Pinball 2.

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PSN: MagusMaleficus (shocked?)

Just let me know you're a GB duder, okee dokey?

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PSN ID: hardindr

Looking to play Sunday, Monday and Friday nights, eastern time. Put GB community in friend requests.

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If anyone wants to do the trade thing with me that would be great (for the trophy).

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PSN: HistoryInRust

I've only had my PS3 for a couple months and literally have nobody on the friends list. So if you send me a friend request and I don't see it for, I don't know, ever, don't take it personally. I'm just an idiot.

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PSN: devine1210

Just say you are from here as well.

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After sending invites to everyone, seems there's one mistake in your list: "astroblack314." doesn't have a period in his username. Just a heads up :)

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PSN: ColdPhone

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Don't want to start a new thread but i'm looking for someone who's around the mid 30 level interested in starting  a PT2
I'm not looking for a marathon gaming session where we try to beat the game in one sitting or expect you to always play in the future. I just want to get a feel for co-op since i solo'd PT1 and i hear PT2 is quite the step up in challenge so figured why not. Just don't want to deal with random ppl being douchey like stealing all the loot or booting you before you turn in a quest or something.  
I'm willing to join someone's game or host. Doesn't matter.
Anyone interested, Send me a friend request with PT2 in the message. 
PSN - Melikefishnchips
Lvl 36 Siren

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Is this still being updated? If so, thanks a million. I'm birdspanker here and on psn.

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Hey Guys Feel free to add me ;) Kinda new on BL :D

PSN - Veibel

Lvl 34 Assassin

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