Things that Borderlands 2 overdoes (spoilers)

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I'm thoroughly enjoying my playtime with BL2 and this isn't meant to knock the game but just highlight some reoccurring annoyances that accompany an otherwise excellent game. 
Lilith and Roland - I'm not finished with the game yet. Probably bout a lil over half way through and at this point their relationship/interaction is pretty heavy handed. It's nice to see some character development to characters from the first game but i wish each character would have gotten their fair share.
Talking Guns - I've found 3 (so far) The first time you find one it's ingenius. The 2nd time, not so much and the third time your just like STFU already
The "Bring a fire weapon with you" missions - This just feels like lazy game design. Aside from the fact that these missions all kind of happen right around each other, why wouldn't they have missions that require you to bring elemental weapons of the other varieties? Seems like an obvious decision.
Mission that allude to 1 thing at the start but have you doing 999 other things before the mission is over - I'm all for a tiered mission structure as it were but why not just be upfront about it? It's not really a surprise/secret anymore when you get a "simple" mission like "Kill person X" because you know aside from all the people you're gonna have to slaughter just to get to the person, your gonna end up doing 10 other things for this one mission before you turn it in. Oh he dropped a key? Use the key on that shutdown switch. Oh no the shutdown switch is broken? Crap, go to the other side of the map to find a replacement switch and bring it back. Kinda hard to take each mission in bite size pieces assuming thats what you want to do
Anyone have any other issues?

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@hbkdx12: I've beaten the game (haven't done all of the side quests, though), so I'll try to keep this spoiler free for you.

Lilith and Roland: They lay off off it after a while. The other characters get a bit more due eventually. My problem was the same that Jeff had: I just never really connected to any of them since no development at all happened in BL1.

Talking Guns: Never even found one of these. Seems to me that you are just really (un) lucky.

The "Bring a fire weapon with you" missions: I only had to do one or two of these for the story, so the rest must be side missions that I missed. Needless to say they don't keep hitting you over the head with them.

Mission that allude to 1 thing: Yeah, this is the one point I agree with 100%. It's how BL1 did it, and the last half of BL2 is the same as the first half. I really wish they would have introduced a bit more variety into the questing structure, as the majority of them fall into this category.

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Lilith and Roland are probably my favourite part of the game. And Lilith is by far the best character in the game imo. It is nice to see some character development. Heh it was fun doing the side mission where you find out it was Lilith who "initiated" the relationship.

Not really a spoiler but Mordecai and Brick get their moments later on in the game.

In a game about guns there are never enough guns. Don't want a talking gun, sell it and use something else. I've gotten all 3 talking items and never really use any of them, had better stuff.

Fire weapon missions are annoying I agree, but they are all piled relatively close to each other in the first 1/3rd of the game. And their number is negligible compared to the total number of quests in the game.

As for tiered mission some are upfront some aren't, for those that are not upfront the reason is simple, neither you nor the character that gives it to you is yet aware of other things that will have to be done or may occur along the way. If such unknown actions were given to you in a long list straight up it would make no sense. I also play Borderlands 2 in long bouts so don't have your bite size requirement of the game. Plus in singleplayer I can always pause it and come back to it.

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The way Brick keeps saying 'slab' makes me think of it as the Pandoran equivalent of the n-word

It's... strange

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@coakroach: Maybe you're just racist deep down? I never had the same association.

Kidding by the way ^.^ (about the first part)

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@Mirado: I'm glad i can look forward to them laying off it a bit. I think the talking guns are all side mission stuff
@Tennmuerti: I wasn't referring to actually using the talking guns, i just mean the novelty of introducing a talking gun into the game at all. The first time it's like "Holy shit that's effin awesome!" by the the third time it's like "eh, shoulda just kept it at 1 talking gun"
I completely understand about the mission thing from a narrative perspective but from a game development standpoint i feel they rely on it a bit much to the point that it's not as engaging when these other things happen that interfere with your quest
@coakroach: Now that i hear it i can't unhear it o_0
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Ah, makes sense. I just didn't have the "holy shit that's awesome" moment, more of a "heh that's neat" moment that was more thinking of the reference to all the talking swords i've listened to over the years :P

I guess i don't feel that they overdo it or rely on it too much (the tiered quests) because it makes narrative sense like you you and I agreed, and from gameplay sense I am still killing dudes and clicking on shit occasionally, the gameplay doesn't really change or would not change just because I had a list of all the actions beforehand of if the quests were shorter but more of them, the end result would be the same. The tiered system just keeps things moving along faster and smoother, and devotes less time to me coming back to an NPCs relative to me killing things and looting, which in a game such as this is exactly what I want, less legging back and forth (oh and more narrative time too). It's basically an almost perfect mechanic.

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So far the timed missions are the worst for me.

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LilithxRoland seemed kind of weird to me, but it's only because Roland seems nothing like his BL1 counterpart (where he sounded like a fun-loving dude with gung-ho enthusiasm). Also, in BL1, Lilith's dialogue suggested that she had some sort of superior, "I'm better than everyone" attitude - and it seems like neither character remembers anything about that. Mordy and Brick are definitely the same guys from the first, though.

Now, what bugs me about "Bring a fire weapon" is that later on in the game, fire weapons are damn near useless, which sucks because I love fire weapons. There's only a few Hyperion troop types that are actually effected by fire.

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