True Vault Hunter mode

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I've seen some people mention this mode, How do I change into true vault hunter mode? After I beat the campaign will it ask me to change modes?

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True Vault Hunter mode is "New Game +". After you finish the game once you can carry your level and equipment over to that more difficult mode.

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Yes, it will tell you after you finish the campaign. It will be an option when you select that character from the character select menu.

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It's just their fancy name for New Game+

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Oh lol. Thanks

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@JoeyRavn: Well you can technically fight him even in playthrough 1 :P

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@Tennmuerti said:

@JoeyRavn: Well you can technically fight him even in playthrough 1 :P

Oh, really? I was under the impression that you could only fight it in NG+. My bad, then.

But at least now we know we need a concept page for that character! :D

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@JoeyRavn: Yes, but it's still a lvl 50 quest so you won't be able to do anything to him heh

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This mode is not fun at all playing solo, it's hard but not a fun hard. It fucks you over every chance you get to the point where the game just isn't fun. Play this mode if you love random instant deaths and literally being fucked in the ass by any boss.

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@Extreme_Popcorn said:

literally being fucked in the ass

Sounds like my kind of game 
wait what
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Go to the character select screen, select a character that finished the game and you can load either your normal game or the ng+

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I wanted to try Terramorphus right after I beat the final boss.

Went there, took one shot with the most powerful weapon I had, and nope'd the fuck out of there when I saw how little of his HP it took off.

I guess I'll wait until I hit the cap.

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New game plus is pretty brutal. I'm trying to do it solo and it is much more difficult than the first time through. XP is good though I already went up a full level and just beat boom bewm.

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Anyone had an issue where you can't start the new game +? Completed the game with some friends, continued a bit on "normal mode" when it asks you to continue.

Suddenly it stopped asking if I wanted to start the True Vault Hunter mode, and just started me into the normal completed game. Joined a friend in new game + (kept saying it was a bad match). First time it started me into the new game + where I quitted with him, and now it just boots me into the normal completed game again :/


edit: One of my other friends also has this problem

edit2: Figured out you have to select your character from "Select Character" and then choose True Vault Hunter. Strange it switched on its own though...

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Its just their fancy term for New Game+ I think.

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It's just another name for new game plus, I believe. I could be wrong however.

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(True Vault Hunter Mode) Newgame+ can be a cruel brutal bitch.

And i fucking love every minute of it!


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