Unofficial Borderlands Community Voice. LAUNCHED!

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The Following Voice community is not owned or operated by Gearbox Software or 2K Games. Anything said or heard within is not tied to Gearbox Software or 2K Games in any way. This service is provided and ran by the Borderlands Community

I'm extremely happy to announce that the Borderlands Community has come together to provide a FREE to use voice chat server. The response was quick and frankly overwhelming. I expect to see use of this server grow, especially through the life cycle of Borderlands 2.

Community Members from all platforms are invited to join in from their PC/Mac/Smartphones. It is highly encouraged to discuss experiences here on the official forums, as voice and forum chat all have their place, and each platform will draw in new users on both fronts.

So Lets get you set up.

MUMBLE CLIENT <--- Download From Here

Mobile phone users can download the mumble app from their respective app store.

-Once you have installed mumble, it is advised that you have your mic plugged in and run the quick and easy audio setup wizard, Which should be prompted upon the firt time accessing mumble. If you accidently skipped this step here is where you can find it withing the mumble client

-Once you have set up audio, or if you already have that set up you will need to connect to our server. You can add a new server by clicking the follow.

-After that you will need to enter the server information followed by your user name.

Label: Borderlands Community Voice


Port: 3238

-Once you have connected, we ask that you register your name. This will help in the case that someone wants to register your name instead of you. If you are on the forums, your forum handle will be reserved for you. If you attempt to register it on Mumble and it says that the name is taken, you can PM me here and I will delete that user to free up your spot.

So that should wrap it up. If you are having difficulties please PM me. Do not flood this thread with questions and I ask that any questions or comments on the server itself be left off these forums and they are for Borderlands. :-)

Oh, and anyone being disruptive or rude will be banned immediately. If you are being harassed by a user please inform myself or any of the moderators in chat. Normally I will be able to hop on my cell phone and slam the hammer down mobile style.

A huge thankyou from myself and the rest of the community to those who helped make this project a reality. Thanks gang!

If you have any issues connecting to the server, click here and a live help representitive can assist you.

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