Vita DLC question

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OK, so I bought the Vita version. I only briefly played the PS3 version when it was free on PS+ and quickly deleted but having it on the go I find myself enjoying the game quite a bit. So don't believe the hate. Or maybe its just that the biggest problems have been addressed in patches by now.

Anyways, so I bought the retail version of the game. PAL version I should add. My Vita is locked to my US PSN account though. Is there any way I can get my Vita to accept this DLC. maybe download to PS3?

Is any of the DLC worth going through the trouble anyways?

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It comes with the DLC.

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It comes with the DLC.

Really? So I will stumble upon those missions when I get to them? Why was there a download code included in the box?

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@haniball: Oh sorry, yes that's the DLC code. You could get a second memory stick and assign that to your EU account if you think it's worth it. It only comes with the first half of the DLCs though (missing the last 2 mission ones, all the hunting ones, Krieg and the 2nd level cap increase)

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Thank you, so that means there is one level cap increase included...I guess I can try downloading the files to PS3 and move to vita from there. I can usually at least see downloaded files from other accounts on PS3. If all else fails I can still cross save and remove the cap on PS3, right? what DLC do I need for that.

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@haniball: They will probably bring you back down to the level cap when you try and cross save. It's the Ultimate Vault Hunter pack.

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