Want to be overpowered? Get the Bee shield and a shotgun.

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It really is ridiculous. I just hit a boss for 9,000,000 with a Tediore shotgun reload. That's right, nine million damage.

I suppose one could call this game breaking, but I didn't get to this point until well into 2.5 and now I'm really only farming bosses, so it didn't really "break" anything until I was more or less finished with the game on this character. Nothing else in the game that I've encountered comes anywhere close to the damage output you can achieve whilst wearing The Bee, so go out and get one already! It's an amp shield that doesn't discharge when you fire, so every round is an amped round. That means if you have a pistol that fires two rounds at once, both are amped. A shotgun that is 5000x15 with my amp shield? That's an 850,000 damage normal hit per shot, not a crit, and unbuffed by any other skills which may increase damage....of which Commando has a ton.

What do you think about this item in particular? Can't wait to get it, or are you avoiding it because you think it'll ruin the fun somehow?

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So you're saying people should be like The Fear

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Yep you can solo Terramorphous in under 60 seconds with this.

A properly setup gunzerker dual wielding Conference Calls and using the bee can destroy a 4 player difficulty Terramorphous, solo. (for more drops hence faster farming)

It's basically a boss farming shield, incredible for insane burst damage, but not so usefull when there are a ton of enemies, as it only works if your shields are 100% full.

@MB: Like you said I don't think any fun is being ruined seeing as how you have already beat the game are lvl 50 and killed the final boss again. What I usually do is kill a 2.5 boss legit once without it, then use it to farm said boss, makes me feel clean. Only exception to this is Terra, because really fuck that guy he is not properly designed for a solo character in the first palce.

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@Azteck said:

So you're saying people should be like The Fear

Isn't it the Pain who has a thing with bees?

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I know you guys love Metal Gear and everything, but it's a Muhammad Ali reference.

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@MB said:

I know you guys love Metal Gear and everything, but it's a Muhammad Ali reference.

That much was obvious :P give him some credit that he's not talking about the float like a butterfly sting like a bee red text. I also was merely seeing if he'd mixed up boss enemies.

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@MB: Yep. I got a Bee from the radio guy in my first playthrough. Despite it's very low shield level at this point (I'm 41 now), I still continue to use it most of the time due to the crazy damage I can do. Hopefully I can get another one in my second playthrough.

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Yeah i've heard about this. Looking forward to picking it up.  You get it through a sidequest or something right?

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@Marino: I wasn't even farming for it when I got it off of Helmquist; I got it by killing him one time. It seems like one of the more common legendary drops at least from what people are reporting right now, so I'm sure you won't have too much difficulty getting a Lvl 50 version. The stats do seem to vary dramatically though, even between shields of the same level. I think I got pretty lucky not only by getting one without having to farm for it, but the stats on mine are such that I don't think it will ever need to be replaced.

If only my luck at finding other legendary stuff was that good.

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The concept of The Bee isn't actually that broken, it's just broken by the fact that some bosses allow you to go unhit for too long. If the game was more about attrition fights (where you always got hit a lot but not for that much), instead of it's silly "dodge or die in a few hits" it would've been completely fine.

What's worse is Gunzerker Money Shot. I've been using it with a 1500'ish x 19 shotgun since level 40 and I can just run at bosses untill I get close enough then 2-shot them. Even if they down me they're easy kills during FFYL.

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@hbkdx12 said:

Yeah i've heard about this. Looking forward to picking it up. You get it through a sidequest or something right?

It's a random drop off a dude you have to kill for a late game quest Hellquist.

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I don't want to be overpowered, thanks all the same.

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Damn, I didn't find one when I beat him. Not sure I can be bothered with a second playthrough though to hunt down this and/or other cool items =/

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Which is more game breaking? Hacking the game to give yourself 5 points in every skill in the skill tree, or The Bee?

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Mine is a level 46 and the amp is only 29K. I also haven't found a good shotgun to pair it with. Been trying to get a conference call for the past two days. The Warrior hasn't dropped a single orange drop yet.

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I'd use it I have no clue where to get it!

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I would love that shield, unfortunately have no idea where to get it. Altho I would also like that impaler shield that shoots out corrosive spikes as well

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@Freshbandito said:

@Azteck said:

So you're saying people should be like The Fear

Isn't it the Pain who has a thing with bees?

Dammit, you're right. I feel dumb. :(

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@Demoskinos: @TheDoorman:

Hunter Hellquist, Arid Nexus Badlands

You get a quest to kill him towards the end of the game. Dude has a radio on his back and basically does propaganda broadcasts for hyperion. Random drop chance, so might take awhile to farm.

@White: The Bee

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