Will my ATI Raedon HD 4860 run Borderlands 2?

#1 Posted by Demodocus (284 posts) -

Im having a little trouble finding out if my current graphics card will run this on the highest settings? It runs the first Borderlands perfect. All my other PC specs are more than enough to run it. Btw, I used the can you run it site, but its never been that accurate for me and I only plan on running it in 1600x900.

Thanks in advance and heres a shot of my cards specs.

#2 Posted by Spuirrel (90 posts) -

I doubt you can run it on the highest, you can probably run it well on medium-high. The sequel also has physx support and if you want that along side full AA/AF you are definitely not able to.

#3 Posted by me3639 (2006 posts) -

I still have my HIS 4850 and it still runs everything awesome at 1920x1080 with most options on Max or medium.

#4 Posted by Sanity (2063 posts) -

Should be good for mediium settings as others have said, the physix crap is only for nvidia card anyways and is a gimmick.

#5 Posted by Farley_Lives (313 posts) -

When I was running an older rig I always used this website.


Free, java based website for an analysis of you system. It compares those against the minimum and recommended system requirements released by the publishers. Gives you a simple pass or fail and breaks it down part by part. I just checked it and Borderlands 2 is listed under their drop down menu.

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#7 Posted by Alex291190 (21 posts) -

Should be fine. My old 5770 ran Borderlands perfectly well.

You might not be able to run with everything at Full, but you'll be ok with most stuff on medium :)

#8 Posted by spiceninja (3169 posts) -

I ran Borderlands well enough with a 4670. A 4860 should be ok.

#9 Posted by TorMasturba (1123 posts) -

Turn tesselation off in-game, I had problems with the original game when I had a 4870.

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Firstly. There is no tessellation option in borderlands, nor is there any 'hardware' tessellation.

Secondly, if you think the first borderlands runs well. This will probably have 10-25% higher requirements with settings at low/medium. A screenshot of the graphics settings on the steam forum for borderlands 2, had a "view distance" slider (borderlands 1 never had one). This might help bring it back to a borderlands 1 level of performance if it does require more.

Thirdly, what is run? People always say "run". You might get the game to boot, but what is an acceptable level of performance? 14fps? 200fps? Run. Is vague. I always go into a forum, someone says "It runs well". What does that even mean? Brings me back to when I came into my uncles house to help him set up a firewall, he was playing the original witcher (good on him, it's a great game), and he was getting 8fps. I was literally pulling my hair out. I went into the options to lower the settings, and he stopped me, and said "it runs fine"

Sorry for the rant. I hope you do get the game running at 30fps at the least. I think people deserve 30fps.

Worst case, you can always edit the ini that comes with the game. Or lower the resolution further. From what I remember borderlands 1 was actually more cpu bound than gpu bound. So think about that as well.

And physx is not a gimmick. Not any more than any other graphical feature for the game is. It's an exclusive feature. I say that as a longterm amd user. Just like any other graphical setting, it adds depth and spectacle to the games visuals - which in turn are a key component of any game.

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