Worth it for someone who couldn't finish BL1?

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Not so much looking for is the game good, I already understand that the game is good and I'm sure there are countless threads where this is discussed. Are there any folks who had issues with the first game or didn't even finish the first game and found them fixed in 2?

I've made two serious attempts at Borderlands. Both times I petered out about 3/4 of the way through but what I did play I enjoyed quite a bit. Just lost interest and got bored to hell of it at about the same point. Loved the combat and the loot but there was so much to do and after awhile it got overwhelming and most of it was meaningless. The game felt like it was just padded out with too much fluff. And often times that fluff seemed necessary as I was constantly on the hunt for better gear after the second hub town. It was never a issue of not having fun it was an issue of just being done with the game before the game was done. Pacing both in the game and the way it rolled out the loot just fell apart for me.

Is the second game for lack of a better term more compelling? The first game dragged on longer then my attention span could give it and tested my patience with a mountain of quests. But I'm not sure if BL2 actually fixes the issue of pacing and giving me a good reason to finish. Don't know if I should bite now while the game is still hot and new or wait till it drops in price when everyones already moved on.

Also hows the PS3 version? Probably going to have to get that to play with friends even though I can't stand shooters on there. I remember hearing the online being absolutely broken in the first game on PS3.

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It's pretty much the same, except with a slightly heavier emphasis on story. Like Jeff said, it's more Borderlands. A few things are changed and there seems to be more variety with guns but the formula is the same. If you get bored after 3/4, that's still a good chunk of time though.

Couldn't tell you about online on PS3, but the game itself is fine. It's not broken or anything. Auto-saves seem to take longer than on 360 (judging by the DLC QL today) but whatever. If you're after playing online then it's best to get it now while people are still playing it.

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If you find the meaningless fetch quests of BL1 outweigh the fun of the loot and combat, don't play BL2. It's basically the same exact thing.

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Same boring crap, I bowed out around level 20

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It´s a much better game. Don´t listen to the people trying to tell you it´s just more of the same. Sure, they didn´t change it around completely, but everything just works a whole lot better.

I could not stand playing Borderlands one after about 8 hours, but Ive clocked more than 35 in BL2 since release.

The game is more colorful, the enemies are much more fun to fight, there´s a huge variety in enemies and environments and you´ll end up with a LOT more creative and fun guns. AND most importantly, I think it just plays much much better. I think it´s one of the snappiest, best feeling shooters I´ve played (on PC at least) Yeah, the quests are not too special, but at least they have some cool little side-stories this time.

That said, the characters and story are.. well, you´ll just have to switch off your brain sometimes. Look at some of the trailers and stuff they´ve released and see if it really puts you off, but I think nobody should play a game like this for "deep characters" or "writing" or whatever.

Basically, everybody who will tell you it´s more of the same probably played WAY too much Borderlands 1 and they just burned out on the game in general.

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3/4 of Borderlands is probably enough to still be worth getting. Maybe wait until black Friday or something if you are hesitating, and see if it drops enough to mitigate your hesitation.

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always a tricky question to answer because this game is largely the same so if you gassed out of the first the second one will be largely the same. The only thing i can say is the story mission feel more like story missions. In other words the narrative focus is handle a lot better in this game. So if you grab a friend or just play solo the story will keep it moving.

BL1 kinda dropped you in the world and the story sorta pick up in the middle then at the end but still was pretty light and open. BL2 does a better job of keeping you more interested in what is happening and you can skip the side stuff if you so choose. A lot more talking as well which is a plus or minus depending if you care for that stuff.

So i say wait until you can buy the game on sale and have a buddy to run through the story with and you will have a good time. Otherwise it about the same with some added bells and whistle.

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I didn't finish BL1 but I'm addicted to 2. Hell, I wasn't even going to pick it up but after seeing some streams of it I broke down. After a few hours playing both co-op and solo in BL1, I had the same issue where I just wasn't compelled to keep going. I think the difference for me in BL2 is that the characters are more interesting to me as well as the story. I think the guns feel more distinct in this one as well though, again, I didn't play much of the first. I would recommend it and if you're still on the fence you could wait for the inevitable sale or ultimate edition.

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Much better than BL1.

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Agree with the other comments that this is more of the same game with incremental improvements to the game play.

I had a similar experience with you regarding BL1. One huge improvement that has let me plow through two playthroughs of BL2 is the improved online functionality.

In BL1 I found it cumbersome to invite friends into the same game. Took a lot of coordination to figure out where people were at so it didn't mess up the mission branches, etc. BL2 streamlines this, the start screen shows which of your friends are playing and what mission they are on. You can drop in or out at any point. You never need to replay a mission you do in coop if you don't want in your main game but still get credit. They make it easier and less of a commitment to play with the same group. If you have two players that are ten levels apart you can jump into each others games even though the lower level player will have a tough time.

They also added a map to the onscreen HUD. I was constantly getting lost in BL1 but it happens less in the sequel.

I'm playing on PS3, no issues so far. I get a few bugs where my skill tree resets, sometimes I get bumped from games (although they added a nice option where you can view the quality of the connection to the game you are joining) and a few times things have been really laggy.

I played 3/4 of BL1 and thought it was totally worth it, even if you don't make it to the end, the sequel is way more fun.

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Thanks guys. I think I'll jump on it. Seems to be a more of the same but a more refined experience is the consensus. I'm probably going to pick it up on Black Friday since there is sure to be a price drop. Two weeks out from Assassin's Creed 3 and Halo 4 a week after that so there are plenty of stuff to keep me occupied for a month.

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I didn't get to level 10 in Borderlands due to boredom and I've been enjoying this game much more.

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5 hours or so of BL1 and i was bored, i've got 80 into BL2 and some DLC and am finally starting to waver.... BL2 is a much better game though.

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