WTH - Just got 10 golden keys?

#1 Posted by Phyrlord (193 posts) -

I logged in this morning and got a message that I now have 10 golden keys. I didn't do anything, just logged in and bang a message came up. I couldn't find anything about it with a quick search. Anyone else get this?

#2 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

Didn't get anything new when I logged in earlier, you seem to be the chosen one.

#3 Posted by ToastMan (122 posts) -

@Phyrlord: Happened to me also. Didn't ask questions and started spamming the chest. I think I also got a bunch of badass tokens...

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Holy fucking giggletits. That brought me up to 16 keys. And that's after I've already used around 8 from all the giveaways Randy has been handing out on twitter.

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Just entered a shift code and went in to my primary save to see if it worked. 12 new golden keys! o_O

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Devaluation of golden keys! The Borderlands economy needs a bailout!

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Nope, I got nothing.

#9 Posted by Phyrlord (193 posts) -

I think you have to be signed up for SHIFT.

#10 Posted by mmzOne (288 posts) -
@Phyrlord said:

I think you have to be signed up for SHIFT.

I was, still got nothing.
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Yep I got 10 keys and 45 Tokens.

#12 Posted by Sogeman (912 posts) -

I only got 3 once last week.

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The excessive number of Gold Keys that are being given to us is a little too much, Dontcha think?

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I've never gotten one of these to work. I enter my code and all the time it says "Sorry that code has been redeemed already." I got the Halloween costumes but never any new keys beyond the one that came in the box and the one I got when I signed onto Shift. I tried today's code and it's dead for the PS3 I guess. Hell, 9 hours ago when it came out I was at work, how am I supposed to do anything with that?

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I should probably start playing this game again...

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I just entered the code on their facebook page and just got 2. Which codes are you guys putting in to get 10?

EDIT: it's from this post...

There's a lost pet that answers to the name Roscoe. Have you seen it?

Want a Golden Key? Redeem the SHiFT codes below before it’s too late!



PlayStation 3 SHiFT Code: 5BWJB-W5F5J-JKKWT-9JWJT-KCZ99

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One of the things the patch fixes is messed up profiles, which also means some people will get a lot of BA tokens to go along with it. If you have multiple characters, log in to each of them, then Save & Quit for it to re-calculate everything. Also, pretty sure the extra keys are compensation for the trouble.

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