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Borderlands 2 is a FPS RPG that is a sequel from 2009′s Borderlands. It takes everything the original Borderlands does, and makes incremental improvements but doesn’t change enough to make it a revolutionary game. It is a very safe sequel that continues to have many of the problems that the original had.

How does Borderlands 2 play?

The main gameplay of Borderlands 2 is a first person shooter. You use some regular types of guns like pistols, assault rifles, shotguns and other guns but each gun is different from the other. They can have their own special ability like shock damage, exploding when you reload, becoming more accurate as you shoot more, and even more absurd traits. These differences between each gun encourages you to pick up and try out many different guns to find out which one best suits you as you go through the game. However, most of the time it is in your best interest to just use the gun that does the most damage as that will kill your enemies quicker and in the least amount of bullets.

When you start up Borderlands 2, you get to choose from 1 of 4 classes. They all have their own little perks, like having a turret in battle or dual-wielding 2 random guns or even becoming invisible for a short time and doing an attack that does a huge amount of damage. These may seem like minor differences between each class but as you level up, you can branch your character out into many different ways so that your character is different from someone else’s and so that it best suits your style of play. They do give you the ability to re-spec your character throughout the game if you aren’t satisfied with your build, but you can’t change classes to try out what another ability will be like.

Is the co-op in Borderlands 2 still great?

It is great that you can make your character very different from others as you collect loot and level up. This works well with the multiplayer which is a 4 player co-op game and can be very simple to get people in your game. You can have either your friends or random online players join your game which allows them to help you complete missions and level up. However, while you may put in the patience and time to look at each loot you pick up and spend the time to level your character up, there is some impatience and a sense of just completing each goal as fast as you can when you are with other players. Most of the time, the other players will just pick up all the loot before you can get the chance to see if it is good causing you to rush through sections of the game. It is better when you are with a friend, but when you are not it just turns into a race to the finish.

How much content is in Borderlands 2?

The game is very long though which may be either a good thing or bad thing. You have a lot of content and it is fun to explore, but there is just a feeling of a lot of padding and wandering around as the game is not very clear with it’s directions. The map does not do a good job telling you where your objectives are as the can be on a different floor from you, or it would just mark the objective as a big area of the map. Along with this, a lot of the content just seems to be in to make the game feel bigger, while in reality it is busy work as you have to run from one side of the map to the other.

How is the story in Borderlands 2?

This would all be better if the game itself was interesting. The story tries to aim at being humorous, but it falls flat. A lot of the characters are dull, even though they are trying to be funny. The best example of this is a 13 year old girl named “Tiny Tina” who loves explosives. She is not funny and just comes off as weird and flat. There are some twists in the game but none of the characters are meaningful enough for it to matter. The world is very uninspiring too as you run around this huge world and there is nothing of value by exploring besides finding more loot. Also when the humor includes a lot of memes, like “cool story bro” or “took an arrow to the knee”, it just makes the game look unoriginal and stupid. It tries hard to be funny but it just comes off as a huge groan.

Borderlands 2 is short of being an amazing game. The shooting is improved from the first game, and it is very fun collecting loot and making your character awesome. However, it just makes some bad choices in it’s design from a co-op standpoint, and, more importantly, story standpoint by making all the jokes such a pain. Even with this all said, Borderlands 2 is still a good game that is worth playing with some friends.

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