66% Off All Borderlands Content - Steam Sale

#1 Posted by ashbash (403 posts) -

Now I am not that interested in Borderlands, never have been. It just seems like you go about an empty world and shoot everything that moves. 
However the game is £6.79. 
I don't have much money to spend on games this year (about £95 with GT5 coming out will make that £55) so since I'm not sure about this game, I need some good advice as to whether I should get it or not. 
Now please keep in mind that I have no PC gamer friends so I won't be playing co-op so I don't know if that would factor into the decision you are making for me to buy this or not.

#2 Posted by zudthespud (3326 posts) -

I bought it in the steam sale last month for that price. I haven't played that much of it, about 6 hours. Pretty good though. I'm going to hold out on the DLC until I've done everything in the main game.

#3 Posted by sfighter21 (833 posts) -

I've spent $10 on worse things.  I bought it without thinking about it...we'll see how it turns out.  heh.

#4 Edited by Rapid (1441 posts) -
@ashbash159:  it's cool that you budget your gaming money I should really do that so I don't get own\d by  steam sales. 
#5 Posted by ISuperGamerI (1972 posts) -

It's a really good game, I bought it for $39 CND the first week it was released.

#6 Posted by ashbash (403 posts) -
@Rapid: I do it so that I don't spend too much. But then I have to restrain myself from buying stuff. I end up buying stuff way after it comes out when I know I can afford it.
#7 Posted by GeekDown (1173 posts) -

I just bought it. Waiting for it to download now.

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