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#151 Posted by MooseyMcMan (10475 posts) -

Roland! He can get the ability to have regenerating ammo. That means infinite ammo for all weapons. Plus, the turret is pretty nice too. 

#152 Posted by dr_pineapple (197 posts) -

I am a siren kind of guy

#153 Posted by DiscoDuck8k (499 posts) -

As awesome as it is to have regenerating ammo with Roland, I enjoyed playing as Lilith more.

#154 Posted by Zchay (1 posts) -

 This is my order
1. By far lilith
2. Brick (I nicknamed him "The Hulk" )
3. Mordecai rock when it comes to damage, but he is as weak as a stick man
4. Roland sucks by far. Yea he has a handy scordio torrent, but it takes f*cking 2 minutes to recharge! And it dosnt even do much damage

#155 Posted by Laxaloot (105 posts) -
@Zchay: If you upgrade him the right way, the turret is actually quite powerful, and regenerates almost immediately after the turret vanishes.
#156 Posted by neoBub (8 posts) -
@Laxaloot: Yep.  Having the turret out almost constantly is a huge help.  It creates a really nice diversion and requires a bit of thought to be deployed effectively.  Playing tactically like this is very fun imo.
#157 Posted by Damien (1384 posts) -

Bloodwing just destroys people.

#158 Posted by MundaneSoul (4 posts) -

Lilith seems really interesting to me but so far I've only had a chance to try Roland and Mordecai.

#159 Posted by bladeofapollo (5 posts) -

The game with all associated DLC was around $20 on Steam the other day, so I picked up a copy. And Siren for sure; as her abilities seem pretty freakin' sweet.

#160 Posted by myalt22 (101 posts) -
Lilith is the best, because she's the only one who can solo crawmerax without glitching.
#161 Posted by OutlawEnd (20 posts) -

Brick is just so unstoppable

#162 Posted by Bouke (1401 posts) -

I've been playing with Roland and i like the turret ability; its like having another soldier on the field!
#163 Posted by Maurdakar (74 posts) -

I really like roland as a medic on my team. All that health regen and ammo regen is nice. Keep both eyes open for any news on Borderworlds.

#164 Posted by bartok (2422 posts) -

No love for Brick ? There is something so satisfying as running up to a bunch of dudes/monsters and just punching the crap out of them.

#165 Posted by Bloodgraiv3 (2712 posts) -

Hunter first, then Brick for the second.
#166 Posted by melcene (3056 posts) -

Lilith first always, and I've run around with a couple different version of her.  Mordecai second.

#167 Posted by samcotts (2258 posts) -

Going to be Lilith when it arrives on Friday.

#168 Posted by MrHammeh (199 posts) -

Liliths phase walk is just too valuable for me to play as anyone else, getting out of trouble and being able to heal yourself with it not to mention traveling faster.  Not to mention her SMG mods you can get make her ridiculously overpowered. 

#169 Posted by Geno (6477 posts) -

I've got the ride.  

#170 Posted by jorbear (2517 posts) -

Black guys for the win!

#171 Edited by Driadon (2995 posts) -

Lilith will always be my number 1, Mordecai is 2 

#172 Posted by tydigame (84 posts) -

Playing MP Lilith is the can run around and rescue your team mates, and when you want to get somewhere, phase walk saves an unbelievable amount of time walking or driving.

#173 Posted by Rxanadu (504 posts) -

Quite surprised how Lilith is ranked.  Would have expected her to be second-to-last when this first came out.  Now, every other person is either a Roland, Lilith, or Mordecai.  Haven't seen any Bricks since the last time I played, which was last weekend (my 56 Roland got corrupted after tons of gameplay). 
It was pretty great playing through Borderlands again, especially as Roland, since he usually has bonuses that help out in solo, which I usually end up playing as most people on PSN are either LVL 51+ or trying to grind a LVL 1 Roland when the host is halfway through the game.

#174 Posted by samcotts (2258 posts) -

I'm currently a level 30 Lilith, and have no idea why anyone would want to be any other character. Phasewalking and elemental damage is a brilliant combo.
I see a lot of people feel the same way about other characters too, which is credit to Borderlands for making 4 bad ass characters.

#175 Posted by zityz (2360 posts) -

I first started to play as Roland, but after about level 46 in playthrough 2 I got bored of him, so I switched to Brick. I find him to be much more fun.

#176 Posted by JCTango (1358 posts) -

Really enjoy playing Mordecai a lot atm.
He's pretty dope with his pistols!

#177 Posted by skapunker (2 posts) -

My husband and I play as  Mordecai and Roland (Medic) and seem to be moving right along.   It is great playing Roland for the healing and the additional gun.  The character combination also seems to work since we are generally using different guns.  I originally started playing Lilith and only got to level 10 before deciding to start over.

#178 Posted by TURbo (29 posts) -

The Soldier is a solid class with the turret.

#179 Posted by bartok (2422 posts) -

I am severely disappointed at the lack of people who like to run up and punch things to death. 

#180 Posted by WickedCobra03 (2102 posts) -

I rolled a Siren (Lilith).  I like the whole idea of kind of saying back, and then using elemental powers when needed up close to kill enemies in the radius around you if things get pretty hectic.

#181 Posted by matt_wickstrom (156 posts) -

I roll with Mordecai. I'm technically still on my first playthrough. I beat the main story but am still doing the DLCs. I have the Underdome and Robot Revolution still to complete. I'm not sure of the exact level of my character (high 30s-low 40s).

I don't always go stealth, but I have a great sniper for when I do.

#182 Posted by BobThePlumber (3 posts) -

Lilith and Brick are the characters I play when I feel like running and gunning or slinging my fists like Mike Tyson. However, the character I play the most and would be my first choice to have in a party is Roland. Even as a more balanced character, he has some amazing skills and holds aggro well. Personally, I play him from a support perspective. When I play with other people I find that medics are rare to come by; playing one myself guarantees a few friends and a safe adventure.

#183 Posted by Ulain (315 posts) -

Please dont necro 10 month old threads :P

#184 Posted by c0l0nelp0c0rn1 (1803 posts) -

@Ulain said:

Please necro 10 month old threads :P


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