Borderlands GOTY

#1 Posted by Rincewind (274 posts) -

So I held off from buying Borderlands when it was released, hoping that they would put out a GOTY edition with all the DLC trimmings included and it looks like they are doing that. Anyone else do something similar? or tried to then gave up and bought it anyway?

#2 Posted by X19 (2305 posts) -

I waited too 
There is also a map of Borderlands included
Im  still gonna have to wait because I can't afford to spend the full price of £40 even for all that content lol

#3 Posted by Mrnitropb (2090 posts) -

Fuck that, I bought that game DAY ONE baby! and been playing pretty steadily for a year now. And will give Gearbox another 800 space buck to get some new more new shit.

#4 Posted by Casshern1981 (41 posts) -

Might get me a cpoy for the ole Xbox 360 ;-) (i have Borderlands on Ps3)

#5 Posted by Joelteon7 (98 posts) -

Poking this thread alive again after doing some looking around - if you live in the UK and are interested, take note. 
Error or not, has the PC edition for a lowly £15! (RRP seems to be £25) 
The RRP for the PS3 and 360 versions appears to be £30, but GAME are listing both for  £25. 

#6 Posted by Bouke (1402 posts) -
Its actually only 25 pounds on the consoles....    
#7 Posted by GT-Man (115 posts) -

I totally agree that game was  fun from the beginning till the end GREAT GAME
#8 Posted by buzz_clik (7038 posts) -

Not only did I wait for the Fallout 3 GOTY Edition, I waited until it was half price. Best value-for-money gaming experience ever, by a long chalk.

#9 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1539 posts) -

I didn't wait.  I got the gun pack from pre-order and have bought each DLC as it came out.  Played the hell outta coop but no gold anymore but don't matter, bring on the robots.
#10 Posted by TheUnsavedHero (1248 posts) -

I bought it a few months after it came out and got all the DLC for it when it was half off on xbox live. Loved that game and can't wait to fight me some Claptraps.

#11 Posted by Joelteon7 (98 posts) -
@Bouke: Eh? The RRP on every site I've been to is £30. Not many places actually charge that much (it'd be like if HMV sold MW2 for £55 as per the RRP when we know they obviously don't because that'd be stupid). I'm simply saying that in my investigating, GAME appears to be the cheapest, but then depending on what shop you like for whatever reason, the difference of 2.50 between most places is pretty negligible in the long run.
#12 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8609 posts) -

Totally worth whatever you're paying for it.
One of my favorite games of last year (and I don't have many favorites!) and certainly my favorite co op game.

#13 Posted by Bouke (1402 posts) -

i missed the part where you said that at the game site the GOTY ed. is just 25 ;)

#14 Posted by Tordah (2498 posts) -

I'm waiting for the GOTY too.

#15 Posted by Synthballs (2193 posts) -

I might pick it up if it goes on sale on Steam, I have the original on Xbox but, could do with some more love

#16 Posted by c1337us (5751 posts) -

I didn't play Borderlands all the way through the first time and never touched any of the DLC. I cant see me buying another copy even for all the stuff that a GOTY version gets you.

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