Borderlands online problems [PS3]

#1 Posted by EchoEchoEcho (56 posts) -

So, I got the game. But I wanna play with a friend of mine, who has the game too. The problem is, that everytime he selects "online game" in the main menu of Borderlands, or anything else related to the internet, he gets disconnected from PSN. Has someone experienced something similar? It kinda sucks in my opinion 
Thanks in advance for all your great replies :D
#2 Posted by MeierTheRed (5005 posts) -

I still haven't gotten my copy yet. But i do know that Gearbox is working on a patch for the broken co-op.

#3 Posted by toorima (204 posts) -

I have only played this game online on the ps3, and have never encountered this problem.

#4 Posted by kmistry95 (2 posts) -
@EchoEchoEcho: i am also experiencing it but instead of me being logged off the screen flashes black and then it doesnt load the online menu that i havent seen with the 2 copies of the game that i have had(i thought it was a problem with the disc so i got another one but i still dont work) gggggggrrrrrrrr
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I've had some minor connection issues, but not to where it logs me off completely.  Try resetting you internet connection on the XMB.  Might not work, but if you hadn't done that, it might be worth a try.  Good luck friend.  The game is fantastic online!!
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The only problem I've seen is my friend would lag out when we zoned into an area and he wouldn't be able to shoot or jump and couldn't see me or any enemies. He switched off of wireless and to a cable and it went away.

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He posted that problem one week ago and probably does not have that problem anymore since a patch was released a few days after his post to fix that particular problem.
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Never encountered this. The only problem I've encountered online is that the voice chat can be a little choppy.

#9 Posted by End_Boss (3363 posts) -

I've encountered some weird disconnects, but their placement has never been consistent. All I can suggest is that your friend reset his modem/router and see if that solves the problem. Otherwise, you're pooched.

#10 Posted by squirtle_squad (257 posts) -

i had this exact problem. i had to disable my routers firewall and now i play fine. before wtih the firewall enabled i couldnt get past the checking for update screen i kept getting booted from psn.
#11 Posted by rebellion_pt (2 posts) -

can someone help me?
i have a problem, when i'm playing borderlands online whit mi friends we dont know hoew to talk during the we have to press any button?

#12 Posted by Hotshot (2 posts) -

Okay Here the thing i brought this game a few months back and it has now started to give me problems. When I am playing online it will suddenly black out which means the tv will turn  black for a second and then come back on.  Later when i want to get in another game it will freeze and not let me. I have to restart the entire game just to play another game. Can someone tell me whats going on here?

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