Borderlands PS3, anyone want to play?

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Does anyone want to play the PS3 version of Borderlands? Watching the interview for 2 has made me want to go back. I'm down to make another character and we can talk on Skype if you wish to voice chat, much clearer than using the PS3 in my experience.

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@msavo: it would help if you said where your from and maybe where you are in the campaign / DLC?

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@Bouke Sorry dude I made this topic a month ago so I already ran through it again with different people. Love the game but I spent 200 hours in it, I need to put it down.
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@msavo: No problem, i spend way to much time with Borderlands myself, but its a game i just can keep playing over and over :)

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I'm just starting the GOTY edition, never really played Borderlands before so yeah.
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Bumping this. Hoping people still would. Also, for BL2, but I won't have it till after Black Friday

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