Crawmerax help

#1 Posted by TheDoorman (534 posts) -

I just downloaded the dlc a couple days ago and after playing with friends they showed me Crawmerax, the problem is I dont know how to get him on my own playthrough is he on the bounty board? I know where he is on the map just for some reason im cant go there yet as the fast travel thing isn't up.

#2 Posted by GunstarRed (5099 posts) -

he is on the tbone junction bounty board and you have to finish general knoxx first...or be near the end of the dlc
#3 Posted by TheDoorman (534 posts) -
So after you kill Knoxx  and finish that  armory mission he shows up on the bounty board?
#4 Posted by DillonWerner (1526 posts) -
@TheDoorman: Yep

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