Getting back into the game by finishing the original Borderlands

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I haven't played a console game in about two years due to work and other real-life issues, but I want to get back into gaming (all those games I bought in the past two years keep taunting me from my shelf). First, I want to finish up the original Borderlands (I never finished the last DLC pack and I have Borderlands 2 pre-ordered for next month). If you are interested in playing Borderlands co-op with me, send me a friend request on PSN (account name: hardindr ). I'll be online tomorrow at 9:00 AM EDT (2012-08-28) to play a few hours before I have to go to work.

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Going to play some more tonight, and then tomorrow morning. PSN ID is hardindr if anyone is interested.

Edit: Person who sent me the friend request on PSN (Dark so and so): a PSN error didn't allow me to add you as a friend. Please send me another friend request.

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