Hit wall, need weapon(s)!

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Ah yes, Borderlands. My friend and I played the heck out of Borderlands when it first came out, and quickly obtained S ranks for it on the 360. It was my first S rank :$
But then the DLCs came out, one by one, and we lost our glorious 100%'s. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, where we finally buckle down and buy Zombie Island, Moxxi's Underdome and Knoxx's Armory, and set out to win back our S ranks (And yes, I know there's another DLC on the way but we have got MS points ready, yessir).
We obliterated the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, and had a few laughs along the way. We decided to save the notoriously long and tedious Underdome for last, and now we are trying to down Crawmerax. Problem is, we have bad luck. 
We have always had the worst luck when it comes to finding weapons. All the time, we are reading FAQs on this boss or that particular instance, and these guides are always dropping gun names like Liquid Orion and Hellfire SMG and Pestilent Defiler and what-have-you. I think I've seen a Leviathan before, back in Playthrough 1. And we did have a rockin' fiery SMG at level 25ish. But that's it. We are high level adventurers with woefully low level equipment. 
Now I don't know if item duping is frowned upon as much as "the armory glitch" here, but I'm going to ask anyway if someone has the spare time to jot down my gamertag, hop in one of my games, and drop something that might help me and my friend play with a little finesse instead of abusing Second Wind and Revives over and over and over. 
EDIT: tl;dr version = Anyone have a spare gun? I play 360, yo.

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threads like this make me glad i play borderlands on PC.

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I sadly have no gold membership at the moment or I'd give you some decent weapons.
My advice is to do the replayable (up to three times I think) Fort Knox looting, I got some great weapons from there, nothing too insane but my 912 damage caustic magnum is nothing to scoff at either.
Either that or keep killing mobs in Knox :P

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Or, you can play the game and find some sweet guns.
Just saying.

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If you can hop on now I can give you a couple, my gamertag is blazingtoast.

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@wolf_blitzer85 said:
" Or, you can play the game and find some sweet guns.  Just saying.  GRIND! "
Pretty much this. Cheating (duping and glitches) would take the fun out of the game. You say you enjoy Borderlands a lot, so I assume that you're willing to put in time and effort to look for guns.
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Just play online duder,  
I found it really surprising how willing people are to give away good endgame guns (Yes, on 360) 
Or if you play that way, pretty much anyone who has modded weapons & shields will be willing to give you some. 
There are also almost always groups going to take down craw, And any group of 4 decently geared (Non-retarded) people should be able to take down craw

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I'm online right now, thanks for the help everyone who started to send me invites. People telling me to play more, your input is appreciated as well.
EDIT: Super extra double thanks to dstein_909 (blazingtoast), I'm hopping offline and onto a bed now.

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If you still need anything, i'm willing to share. I have a shitload of guns I got from a.. questionable source.
I've played through it so many damn times.. I decided to get me some fun weapons to spice it up a bit.

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This is one of the reasons I ended up trading in Borderlands. Sometimes I just went too long without getting a good drop to replace one of my guns and the game became a chore.  I finished a playthrough and enjoyed it while it lasted, but I knew I wouldn't be coming back to the game.

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Do the Crawmeraux or however you spell it.

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