Hyperion Dump - help me get to this chest!

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There is a chest in the Hyperion Dump that looks like it can be accessed via a bridge that must be lowered. The chest itself is located under a massive Hyperion sign, near where you run into the Hyperion Superbad Soldier. The bridge is made of some rickety looking peice of wood. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get to this chest. Anyone remember how to get this off the top of their heads?

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So it seems that the whole of the internet and everyone I ask has no idea how to get to this chest either :( Nothing in Gamefaqs, any google searches, any Youtube Chest videos... nothing.

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pictures maybe?

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there is also a chest that is inaccessible in the armory of knoxx behind a chain link fence near the top level, next to a control booth. There are a circle of high end chests that go around a missile silo nearby. i have never been able to figure out how to access this one either. any tips in a message or quote to me would be greatly appreciated.

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@Skytylz: It's pretty self explanatory, if you've played Revolution you'll know what I mean. It's right beside where you get that video intro of the Hyperion Super Bad Soldier, right under a massive sign that basically screams "look at me". The sign is yellow, is for Hyperion, and has one half of the front of a Claptrap on it. I will try to get some pics in though once my phone is done charging. 
@Jayzilla: I think that there are a lot of decoration chests and lockers in Knoxx that are purposefully set like that. Like you know how when you're running in to start the countdown and there are hundreds of lockers behind the forcefields that you can't get to? That's my guess anyway.
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I found this as well. I did actually get access to that chest once. It was when I got the intro to the Super Bad Soldier guy..after killing him the little door was raised and you can get to it. I was sort of surprised because I never saw that in my playthrough 1. I just tried a second time on a subsequent run through there and now it's not open (and I got no Super Bad Soldier guy this time, either). I'm not sure if you only get him once or if that's a random event each time but maybe it's tied to that event. 

edit: hah. I guess I should have tried harder. Not sure if this intended or not but if you look next to what the door is on the opposite end of where that chest is there is a small gap in the wall. If you crouch you can slip through and gain access to the hidden area with the chest..or at least with Lilith..Brick may not fit.

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