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Just picked this up on Xbox, if anyone is interested in playing co-op look me up. Its xanaxe on live as well

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Hey, me too! Game is rad. Cannot believe I waited so long to play it.

This evening I killed Skagzilla. Was underwhelmed at his 'zilla-ness. Found a fantastic gun off a random raider. Guy comes out of nowhere and scrapes down my shield like it's nothing, kills me, runs away to avoid being second chance killed. I respawn, beeline it to him hoping he's still there, remove his head with sniper rifle from safe distance. Pick up the gun... damn thing is twice as powerful as any SMG I had found to that point. It feels a little overpowered for my area of the game when used in conjunction with my SMG damage booster class mod. :D

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Trying to finish off my first playthrough and possibly go for a platinum on PS3.

If someone is interested in co-oping or playing through the DLC send a me PSN message.

PSN: jou321

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If anyone wants to join me on the PC version, I haven't actually started but I totally want to play it but with peoples.

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