Looking for new players on Steam for casual play.

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I just got Borderlands of the PC via the Steam sale and want to play with other people. It will be mostly on weekends and sometimes weekdays. I was looking to start brand new characters (or I have a level 4 Hunter). Please only reply if you're going to be mature and a serious player. If you're interested hit me up on Steam at DigitalErsatz or reply here. Also, please only reply if you have a mic as communication in the game is key.

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@DigitalErsatz: I'd be up for some games, I've been wanting to start a Soldier. I'm MaverickShin on Steam. 
EDIT: I should give you fair warning that I'm using a laptop with Intel integrated graphics, so even at minimum settings with VoiP running I might lag when things get heavy.
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I bought it during the sale, as well. I'm level 11 right now, though.

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M seeking F for some "casual play".

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