Looking to start a COOP fresh start

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I would love to get 3-4 folks in on this, but any would be fun. Let me know!

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I would but I got i for ps3. 

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I'm on the 360, and definitely interested in forming a co-op group. Worth noting I'm in the UK, don't mind staying up late though.
I got it today and already have put a ton of hours into it, up to level 15. I'll start with a level 1 character if I must, but obviously would rather use my already existing character - don't think it would take long for the rest to catch up to me. 
Edit: Just noticed you posted in another thread, sounds like you have it on the PC, not the 360. Bummer.

#4 Posted by Destro190 (7 posts) -

 Yea, I am on PC, Steam  Destro190

#5 Posted by Rxanadu (506 posts) -

Need to co-op badly.  Just booted up the game for the first time in ages only to find my lvl 57 Roland file is corrupted.  Hoping to start anew as a new Roland. 
PS ID: SpongeBong (don't ask about the name.  I made it when I was younger and dumber)

#6 Posted by Ryax (4630 posts) -

me and infamousBIG can play with you 

#7 Posted by Destro190 (7 posts) -

sorry, mistype, my steam name is silent199

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