MP trolls suck, but they're better than Borderlands randoms.

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So, I was playing L4D on PC (if you want to play with me, Steam ID is colonelpopcorn) and some guy/gal whose name was " ". Seriously, he/she had no name, and it was late in the 4th map of the Dead Air campaign that he/she joined. Dude started shootin' me up, and I hated it, cause person killed us all and screwed me out of my complete the campaign achievement. Whatever, I'm not that mad, in fact it was a little amusing. I would much rather have people who are committed to being trolls rather than people who aren't committed to anything.
Yeah, this is where Borderlands randoms come in. Although, more a product of its design, it still is a glaring flaw for me. With no direction, order, or need for communication, things fall apart quickly. So what you end up with is four different people pursuing their own quests, showing off random guns (probably modded), or just trolling by moving to different areas all the time. So you have a disorganized, obnoxious, unable-to-kill-anything-much-less-Crawermax mess of a crackpot squad.
*sigh* What I'm trying to get at is: I don't mind teamkillers, griefers, ninjas, leechers, etc. if they're passionate about what they do. Oh, and I totally need someone to help me through the Secret Armory of General Knoxx. Oh, and developers shouldn't punish people for playing single-player. Oh, and if anyone wants to play L4D (1&2), you can add me on Steam.
GT: c0l0nelp0pc0rn1
Steam ID: colonelpopcorn

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I met one cool guy on Xbox Live who gave me some sweet (probably modded) guns.

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I barely play online games now, pisses me off too much.

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@StarFoxA:  That's another one of the reasons I hate randoms.
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I honestly can't remember the last time I played Borderland online. I always just do single player. It's stress free baby.

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I think I played Borderlands once online and that was with a newly created character so we were all low level. I just got a few trophies done and then left as I was starting to not enjoy the fact I had to work with three people who I didn't know and had no communication with.

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Borderlands was one of my favorite experiences of the year. That being said, games that give me a distinct looting feel (Diablo 1 and 2, for example), are best kept single player for me. I enjoyed being alone in the wasteland; and during the brief moments where I was accompanied by a few buddies, I felt this weird "We're doing things my way!" vibe going on, with a little "ME FIRST!!", that I've never really experienced before. 
This, and mainly this, is why I don't play any MMOs.
Before you guys freak out, I know that Borderlands isn't an MMO.

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multiplayer borderlands with randoms, in my experience, sucks. on the other hand, the friends i play it with make the experience so damn boring since they either insist on analysing EVERY SINGLE LOOT DROP or they just completely ignore what's happening outside of shooting things that show up on screen. so i either have to put up with checking on my partner(s) to find him(/them) staring at the ground or hearing "so what are we supposed to be doing again?" every 5 damn minutes 
i never play co-op games with randoms anymore. RE 5 was definitely the last straw

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