Need help with General Knoxx glitched mission.

#1 Posted by ssjdragonslayer (78 posts) -

Im stuck right after you beat General Knoxx and had went to the armory but i ended up dying inside so when i went back the door was close and no way of getting back inside to finish the mission. Anyone know if this has been fix or can anyone help out beacuse ive been suck on that part for a while and really wanna finish everything before next week. Im playing on the xbox so id apericate if anyone can help.

#2 Posted by _Chad (1000 posts) -

I've had this happen before. I'm pretty sure you need to find someone to host a game and playthrough it in coop. It's a terrible problem.

#3 Posted by DizzyMedal (419 posts) -

I want to say I'm pretty sure something similiar happened to me on my second playthrough. My memory is really hazy, but I was sure I eventually found another way in (maybe, this was a long time ago). Check both the old way you went (via original mission, to the colour code door thing and all) and check around the place where you killed Knoxx.

If not, I think on the pc version there's an editor you can grab to change the set stages of quests.

If you're on one of the consoles, they might have one too or you might need to co-op with someone else who hasn't finished that mission yet.

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