Need some help at the Lance Roadblocks.

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So I recently downloaded the Secret Armory DLC and started playing with my Lv 50 soldier. I began with the standard collecting the pieces of the Monster and then went on to find Moxxi. This is where I'm unsure I did the right thing. 
I cleared the southern checkpoint, then made it to her bar and she gave me another mission to clear checkpoints. Everything goes fine at first but as I turn the corner at the second Lance roadblock I run into a Lv56 Lance Lieutenant. (He's a named character, I forget his name....) 
 He had a turret with guided missiles and a sniper rifle that both insta-kill me. I have no clue as to what I should do, all the other missions I can complete to level up are past that roadblock. 
I looked at the achievements and noticed I haven't rescued Athena, was I supposed to do that first? The Journal isn't the clearest thing in terms of quests. 
Do I just team up with some Lv 61 dudes and take the easy way out? Is there a specific weapon to use against him? Any help is appreciated.

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