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#1 Posted by c0l0nelp0c0rn1 (1814 posts) -

 A great place to exchange GamerTag's, so you can find people to play with.

GT: c0l0nelp0pc0rn1

Question 1: What is this?
Answer 1: A topic (hopefully stickied) which will make it easier to find good groups of people to play with on a semi-regular basis.

Q2: Why did you make this?
A2: To avoid the community standard for 4-player co-op games set by Left 4 Dead, by providing a circle of friends to play with on a semi-regular basis.

Q3: This sounds a lot like a cult.....I'm suspicious....
A3: Don't be, it's just a way to organize players who want to play a great game.

Q4: What does on a semi-regular basis mean?
A4: Whenever other players are on. This is a clever way of sifting the community to find good players who don't grief, ninja, or leech. (Look these terms up on for more info.)

Q5: Who will be in this community?
Q5: Anyone who wants to join, really, although tactics such as griefing, (Constantly trying to enter the arena with other team members.) ninjaing, (Grabbing loot when you didn't make the kill, or don't need that specific piece of loot.) and leeching, (Not playing the game, but reaping the rewards of your teammates.) are discouraged.

Q6: What if I do like to use these tactics?
Q6: Maybe we can teach you otherwise, but we strongly discourage that here.

Q7: Sounds great, how can I join?
Q7: Just post your GT in the forum, or add the people you find here to your friends list.

Just kinda something I wrote on the fly, maybe Pepsicolaboy can make sense out of it, if this topic fails. Don't be dismayed if you add me, and I don't approve you right away, I only get on nights (occasionally) and weekends.

#2 Posted by Pepsicolaboy (321 posts) -

GT: samlovesteph 
PSN: nibletpants 
The version (PS3, 360 or PC) of borderlands I get is partially dependant on how sucessful this exercise in 'good natured player gathering' actually is, so sign up people! 
Also - this is a really great idea. The GB commmunity should do this more often for co-op games. Or just in general. 
#3 Posted by natetodamax (19230 posts) -

GT: iTz LuchaDeer
Can't wait for this game

#4 Posted by raddevon (437 posts) -

GT: raddevon

#5 Posted by brooksee (234 posts) -

GT: brooksee 
Can't wait for Borderlands. I plan on playing a Soldier-Medic. If you need some healin', send an invite my way.

#6 Posted by WallacetheGreat (555 posts) -

GT: WallacetheGreat

#7 Posted by Potter9156 (944 posts) -

GT: Potter9156

#8 Posted by gingertastic_10 (4141 posts) -

PSN: gingertastic_10

#9 Posted by jkz (4070 posts) -

GT: po0m

#10 Edited by Creamypies (4095 posts) -

GT: CrimePays

I can't freakin' wait to get this game! It's gonna be the shit! Great idea btw, and welcome to the forums!
EDIT: I'll probably be playing as Lilith.

#11 Posted by ZoDD (70 posts) -

GT: Imortal ZoDD 
I'm happy someone finally did it.  Hopefully we can get a moderator to do a nice little list of folks an OP, and get it stickied with some updates to it every week or bi weekly for the first couple months.   

#12 Edited by n00d13z (245 posts) -

GT: N00d13z 
Im glad someone made this aswell. I fucking hate leechers and ninja's. Their not good people. Haha. 
I play weekdays somtimes. Weekends work best for me.   
EDIT: Im going to play as Mordecai.
#13 Posted by jakob187 (21788 posts) -

GT: lansharx54 
I'm typically on after midnight CST on Wed - Sun.  Mon & Tues are my days off, so that's usually whenever I wake up.  I'll definitely be looking forward to some quality time on this game.

#14 Posted by Neopezz (125 posts) -

GT: Pvt Neopezz
I'm planning on playing support/assault soldier to ensure people have enough ammo to shoot. Also it would be nice to get some kind of back and forth going between people planning on playing together, so its not like playing with complete strangers.
Probably wont be on much until the release, but after that I wont be off much.

#15 Posted by Ubiquitous (571 posts) -

I was just thinking about making one of these threads, I think I still will though, for PC. But hey, if anyone reading this thread is going to be playing the PC version send me some GB mail, I'd love to get a group together.
#16 Posted by bwooduhs (1618 posts) -

GT: h0megab0mb
I cannot wait.

#17 Posted by Shadow (4988 posts) -

GT = your fat uncle

#18 Posted by Druminator (1690 posts) -

great post. cannot wait to play this.
super ubergeist

#19 Posted by trustymutsi (63 posts) -

GT: Flowerhead2K7 
Please feel free to add my GT. I'm going to clean out a lot of old unused GTs from my friends list over lunch, as a lot of them I haven't seen or even remember playing with :)
#20 Posted by Out_On_Bail (1549 posts) -

ICE 11b Grunt is my gamertag

#21 Posted by Driadon (3050 posts) -

PC version. Contact me on Steam
I currently have two of my friends lined up for regular play: 
GiantBomb user MrMiyagi 
And GiantBomb creeper WeepForTheSin

#22 Posted by ch13696 (4582 posts) -

GT: ch13696
PSN: vebent
But I'm only getting this on PC. I heard they put a lot more development time into the PC version.

#23 Posted by Heartagram (1183 posts) -

GT: Heartagram1028 
I'm Hoping to get this on 360 hopefully through gamefly day one

#24 Edited by harbingernaut (2 posts) -

PSN: harbingernaut
can't wait for this game! I've been worrying about having intelligent people to play with online. lol
 not really on at a particular time but i will be whenever i have free time and plan to be playing mostly BL for awhile.
 planning on playing Mordecai and being as big a sniper whore as possible

#25 Posted by Joker_777 (326 posts) -

GT: Captain Wow 33

#26 Posted by Pakorn (183 posts) -

XBL - Pakorn 
Will be on weekends at any time and weeknights after 7:00 EST! 

#27 Posted by Messier (214 posts) -

XBL - Messier75 
I'm going to be on Pacific time until the end of December.
#28 Posted by GoogleFett (3 posts) -

i may get it later for XBL and/or PSN but i'm getting it for PC first, all are GoogleFett

#29 Posted by Dragoon14 (125 posts) -

PSN:  gav_14_14

#30 Edited by lilarchie232 (728 posts) -

GT: lilarchie232 (same as GB name)
Please PM if added, Lilith FTW!

#31 Posted by Chokobo (1228 posts) -

GT: CH0K0B0  [circles are zeros.  Some japanese guy has "Chokobo"  :(]
Generally on Saturdays during the day, also, some weeknights.  Depends on schedule.

#32 Posted by GoranP (1135 posts) -

GT: PoP1030
let me know on xbox or pm me if you add me.

#33 Posted by limewizard (192 posts) -

Hey guys.
None of my friends will ever get this, and it will be a shame to waste this epic looking game. 
Add me: limewizard

#34 Posted by TheLegendofLuke (563 posts) -

GT: TheLegendofLuke 
This comes out the day my 4 weeks of no lab sessions starts, so I can't imagine I'll be off it very much.

#35 Posted by Gizmo (5389 posts) -

Yo dawgs, anyone want to play the PC version with me upon release, PM me here on GB.

#36 Posted by ahab88 (241 posts) -

GT: DreamKing88
Hopefully I will have the cash for this on release day. My most anticipated game.

#37 Posted by KimChi4U (368 posts) -

GT:  Soju 25percent 
I'll be getting this game a little late though. I pre-ordered it online but I live in a country where shipping seems to take forever.
#38 Posted by pweidman (2384 posts) -

I'm on the west coast, and really looking forward to some co-op looting and pillaging in this game.  GT:PWEID5
#39 Posted by OmegaPirate (5522 posts) -

GT:- TheOmegaPirate

#40 Posted by ascholzk (261 posts) -

GT: GaLaXypwn3r 
still contemplating whether i should play my first play through by myself, any thoughts on this?

#41 Edited by Muttinus_Rump (814 posts) -

PSN: binglejilly
I'm usually free weekday nights and probably all of sunday. My saturdays are fucked up. Can't wait for this game!
EDIT: Also, i'm in the UK, so you American peeps should probably steer clear unless you enjoy a hefty chunk of lag.

#42 Posted by PabloDiablo (150 posts) -

I'm definitely gonna get this for 360.   I'm on from 5-8 Central Time and whenever on the weekends.  None of my friends are gonna get this game and I love the GB community, so please add me.
GT: PabloDiablo0

#43 Posted by jakob187 (21788 posts) -

UPDATE - I'll also be playing the game on PC.  Once I have that information available, then I'll post it up.

#44 Posted by Defias (171 posts) -

Getting for 360 I will be playing for 4 onward probably to 12 GT:Biggie Z
Please however if you add me tell me or invite me notify me you are from GB

#45 Posted by Nonskid (4 posts) -

   GT: Nonskid
PSN: Nonskid
Still don't know which console to buy on though. Leaning toward the PS3. Open to any friend requests.

#46 Posted by Phantom_Crash (300 posts) -

GT: PhantomCrash
I live in Aus by the way.

#47 Posted by TenFootMonster (22 posts) -

I'll be getting it on 360.  Friend me up if you want to play some co-op.  My gamertag is TenFootMonster.

#48 Posted by goodwood (600 posts) -

GT: Mav12
will be playing as the hunter first Mordecai (sp?)
US west coast

#49 Posted by Bladefire (214 posts) -

probably will play a siren
US west coast as well

#50 Posted by c0l0nelp0c0rn1 (1814 posts) -

Hey, everybody since I only play on nights (sometimes) and weekends, I won't be able to do the story with anybody, but I hope to be able to do something like that for a little while at the beginning.

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