Petition for one more Borderlands QL

#1 Posted by theditor (61 posts) -

So... Yeah. The title pretty much says it all. I think it would be hilarious if Borderlands got another quick look, especially this late after release. I'm going to buy the GOTY edition and poopsock it during winter break, but until then I'd like to listen to the sultry sounds of one J. Gerstmann playing this game one last time.

#2 Posted by Yummylee (22518 posts) -

They'll be doing a quicklook for the claptrap DLC.

#3 Posted by scarace360 (4828 posts) -

Cause an internet petition has worked when?

#4 Posted by theditor (61 posts) -
haha, new I would get a reply like this. Does the tone of my post not indicate an aura of general silliness? sorry for offending ya.
#5 Posted by scarace360 (4828 posts) -
@theditor: Wasn't offended was just trying to be the first person to say it.
#6 Posted by lead_farmer (1041 posts) -

Always down for more Borderlands.

#7 Edited by ProfessorEss (7513 posts) -

C'mon Gerstman you maggot!! Dust off that turret and give the people what you want them to want you to give them!! 
...of course I'm betting it'll have to wait until next month, cause I know if it was me, I'd be waiting till I could get a some XP out of it (how messed up is that btw?).

#9 Posted by Pinworm45 (4088 posts) -
@scarace360 said:
" Cause an internet petition has worked when? "
They work all the time.
#10 Edited by ProfessorEss (7513 posts) -
@drag said:

" @ProfessorEss: it was said on I Love Mondays they'll be doing a QL of it this week.  "

Oh sorry, I didn't watch it.
My calling him a maggot feels a tad over-the-top now.
#11 Posted by scarace360 (4828 posts) -
@Pinworm45: LIES!
#12 Posted by LordAndrew (14430 posts) -

Poop...sock? That's just gross, dude. Now I'll never be able to enjoy the sultry sounds of Jeff Gerstmann without thinking of that.

#13 Posted by Rhaknar (5939 posts) -

claptrap will get a quicklook obviously, so...yeah...

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