Post your best gun!

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On my siren I've got an extremely good Orion (X4 elemental sniper rifle - veeeeeeeery good for crawmerax) a bad ass caustic revolver (forgotten the orange name, but it's x4 corrosive with the 'get sick' attribute), and a hellfire smg (nuff said). The other slot is open for something random, like a shotgun, or purely physical SMG for just shooting all over the place.

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Man, I have the worst luck in this game.  I am lvl 55 and my best gun is probably my lvl34 Pestilent Defiler 'Give Sick' pistol.  On two playthroughs, and both DLC, I have found about three yellow and three orange weapons. Four of them are GD sniper rifles.  Haven't done Crawmerax yet. I don't think I'm good enough to be able to do it until I'm lvl 61.

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since i don't have the DLC... 
lvl50 Hellfire SMG, 4x scope , some ridiulous amount of damage, 4x fire chance, 30 shot clip. best lilith/elemental weapon in the game preDLC.

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I have TWO guns, and a six pack. You can get a ticket to their show if you like.

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@onimonkii said:
those are my main 2 on my siren. i use them usually with this class mod

Hellfire SMGs are the Best, lol. I got so excited when i found my lvl50 yours but higher damage accuracy zoom and fire rate. Fucking awesome. I play as lilith and just wreck everything, lol
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@DystopiaX said:    "
Hellfire SMGs are the Best, lol. I got so excited when i found my lvl50 yours but higher damage accuracy zoom and fire rate. Fucking awesome. I play as lilith and just wreck everything, lol "
yeah i found a couple new ones right after that but never posted them. one is just faster with lower accuracy, but one is like a super slow high damage version with no scope. now i have one of each element with 12.5 fire rate and comparable damage to the hellfire and it's just mean.

everything i find now is pretty much sidegrades. no real big jumps in quality in a long time :(
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Ohh hoh! Some real nice guns in here! I'm gonna check my guns tomorrow. I'll edit this post with the information from some. I'm Level 26, but I have an Atlas sniper rifle.
Atlas SPR11 Terrible Scattergun
Level Requirement: 28 (two levels above me)
Damage: 71x11
Accuracy: 30.7
Fire Rate: 0.6
Value: $6138
Torgue RPG11 Evil Rocket Launcher
Level Requirement: 19
Damage: 398
Accuracy: 88.8
Fire Rate: 0.8
Value: $2289
Jakobs DL11 ZZ Bloody Revolver
Level Requirement: 20  
Damage: 222
Accuracy: 92.9
Fire Rate: 0.7
Value: $1763
I just looked through my inventory and it turns out none of my guns are fitting for my level. Most of them are a pretty decent drop below my level, and one of them is two levels above. Maybe I should sell a few of them and grab some more suitable stuff.

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I just picked up a lvl 54 orange combustion hellfire which just burns fools down.  200ish damage, 61 round clip, 3x zoom, 10 rof.  With Heavy Gunner equipped it's pretty crazy.

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I have a pretty decent Hellfire, and a pretty good Pestilent Defiler.

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Fearsome Bessie 
Damage: 1375 
Accuracy: 98.4 
fire rate: not fully sure but I think it as around 1.8
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Orange Shotgun 

Dahl Bulldog 
Extended Mags (20) 
Shots Rockets

878 Damage 
Level Required: 43

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i cant remember the stats on mine because it's been so long since i have played it but it was a pearl tsunami smg 244damage i think? really awesome gun!

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The elephant gun on second playthrough. Go 90k headshots!

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Shotgun: SPR15 Terrible Scattergun (White)
Damage: 287 x 11
Accuracy: 30.7
Fire Rate 0.4
Extras: +162% Damage and  + 2 Projectiles fired. 
Level Requirement: 31
It only holds 2 rounds in the chamber but one of my perks allows for extra ammo in the barrel so it actually holds 3 now and reloads fairly quickly anyways.

Combined this with the fact that I havea class mod that gives me +65% Fire rate, +3 scatter Shot, + 4 Defense and  +3 Quick charge and im a happy camper.
I dont know how such a low level common weapon can kick sooooooooooooooooooo much ass but I dont bother asking really lol.
The spread on it makes for easy criticals so it almost 1 shots almost everyone unless I go into general knox lol.
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Its not super special but I got it at a lower level and it shoots rockets so it made for some good fun. 

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@stenchlord said:
This. But mine's the junior version. Two bullet clip and 1.5 fire rate. Obviously the damage is not quite as high either.  Also mine has no zoom. Easily the best gun though. 
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I've killed Craw a bunch of times but I still haven't found any better SMGs than those level 40-some guns.  At least I got my Savior with ammo regen - that plus my class mod with regen makes it almost impossible for me to run out, even with an 80-round magazine on my Anarchy, the Craw-killer.
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I'm about level 22, just an hour past leaving Firestone for the first time, and the level 10 required rocket launcher I got fucking ages ago is still the most useful thing I have. Though I regret not buying the extended capacity magazine options before the got mad expensive. Its a multi-fire (shoots five at a time) that just performs like the most bad ass fucking thing you could imagine. It makes me feel like a boss, literally, its that advantageous to me, its like having an instant mortal/artillery strike on hand, absolutely pouring rockets on dudes. Even now when it can't devour one of the larger enemies in one shot it still removes way more health than any level 19-21 gun I have now in the same time. 
Torgue Brand
"SPC12" Spread Rocket Launcher 
Green Label
Damage 171 
Accuracy 88.8 
Fire Rate 5.0 
-11% Damage 
+500% Fire Rate 
1.9X Zoom 
And I had a great sniper, GGR-company brand (or GDR or whatever it is) rifle, like one of the first I ever had in the game, that lasted like from level 4 to 18 or something, no special powers, just high accuracy and damage. Only ended up losing it when I temporarily dropped it to make room to sell something else I found, forgetting where I put it.

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I just recently got to level 69, which means I can now finally use this gun:

 It sets everything on fire :3
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I have a stock heavy repeater. Kills  every thing with one shot!

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