PS3 Trophy problems in split screen

#1 Posted by supersonic4336 (68 posts) -

I'm playing through the game in split screen with my wife. We got back into it mainly because of the new patch that lets you play split screen while logged into another account. Has anyone else had problems with trophies not unlocking. I try switching to host it or playing single player and my level 30 one won't unlock, same with killing krom.

#2 Posted by Zero_ (2011 posts) -

Don't know if you've solved this - but I found out during a co-op session with my brother, that many of the trophies can only be done with the one player logged into the PSN account. For example, for the Achievement where you have to win 3 Arena matches - I was the 2nd player, and just logged in as the User on the Console won 3 times - but didn't unlock the trophy for our PSN account, but my brother who hosted the match was first player and under our PSN name won 3 times and then unlocked the trophy. So... some weird, poor implementation going on...

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