Should I buy or should I go?

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Hey fellow bombers, I've got a question for you since I'm kind of on the fence on this one. 
Recently, I found Borderlands for around 249 SEK (~34USD / 26€) in a local store, brand new copy. My issue though is that none of my friends play this as far as I know, and I would therefore be playing it on my own (assuming I can't convince a friend to buy it too).  
Would I get my moneys worth with it? I've been interested in it for quite a while, but wasn't ready to put down $60 for it when it was new. But now that it's gone down quite a bit, it's looking more attractive to me, so to speak.
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I bought it for that price and I've mostly played it alone, it's still worth it
250 SEK på MediaMarkt för typ ett halvår sen

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Do you know if it's still going for that price at MediaMarkt? I was looking at Webhallen but buying it at MediaMarkt would mean not having to take an annoyingly long route home from work to get it.
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You should definitely buy this. I don't think the game got enough recognition. It was my favorite game last year. It's definitely more fun playing co-op, though. I played through the whole game with my wife.

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Borderlands will ruin friendships if you play with the wrong people, so much looting. Single player was still good for me, but I was never really motivated to buy the expansions. I would recommend it though

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Buy it. I played multiple playthroughs by myself and it was still a blast. It is just a plain fun game.

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@Mocha said:
"  I played through the whole game with my wife. "
that sounds so.. good .. 
though im never getting married, i wish i could have a significant other who i can beat a fucking co-op game with. 
no really, that sounded fucking awesome.
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I thought it was boring and overrated and you should spend that money on something else and the only time I enjoyed it was with other people.

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It's totally worth it. Get it.

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@Azteck: It is highly addictive, even by yourself so it's definitely a must buy. If you can, find a couple of friends and make them buy it, since it is way more frantic with others. If I were you I would wait for the GOTY that is coming out soon because most of the DLC is of a very high quality and worth the wait.
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Get it. I played with friends a decent amount but put way more in alone. It's awesome.

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Get it, it's so worth the full 60, so for 26 it's a steal!

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I don't know if I would have blew $60 on it either.  There are actually very few games that I would really say have been worth $60 to me.  But for that $34 bucks.  That is a good deal.  I have been playing through my Steam version that I got for $10.49 about a month ago and have been really enjoying myself.  
Just make sure you are into the whole "looting" thing.  That is a huge part of this game, and I can imagine that if you are not a huge fan of that, or just don't care much, this game might not be as fun.  But personally, it is funny, full of personality and generally just an interesting and different experience.  I am really happy they decide to go for the cartoon-ish look, gives the game some extra distinction and allows it to be more fantasy based and less reality oriented or worried about explaining how things happened because it is almost assumed that this is a cartoon so anything is possible mentality.

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I actually thought the game was very overrated.  If you want loot hunting / dungeon crawler / exp. grinding, there are far better games out there.
That's not to say I wouldn't buy it..  But at this stage, I'd hold off.  Chances are they'll release a GoTY version with all the expansions shortly.

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I punched my brother in the face during a Borderlands session. Don't play it with friends. 
But you should buy it for that price, too bad you missed the DLC sale it made some of those packs more appealing. 

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@damswedon: Wow.  What could your bro have done to deserve a punch in the face?   
I've played most of the game by myself and have mostly had a great time doing so.  The online portion is fun with strangers.  Online is super laggy when I join games however, so I always end up hosting.  
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@neoBub: Many things stealing health kits when I needed them most, stealing guns oh and pushing me off a cliff in a buggy. It was more of a backhand than a punch but damn it was annoying.
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buy it.

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Just do what I did: bought the game, started convincing others to buy it too.  

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If you buy it there'll be trouble...if you go there will be double.

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