Should I go back to Borderlands 1?

#1 Posted by Devil240Z (3850 posts) -

I played the base game plus the zombie island DLC. I got to level 50. I got the Platinum Trophy. Never played the other three DLCs.

Should I go back and play them? Keep in mind that I would have to start with lvl 1 character(s).

#2 Posted by believer258 (12668 posts) -

If you want to?

#3 Edited by psylah (2272 posts) -

The Moxxi DLC and the claptrap robot bullshit is supposed to be the worst DLC, like, ever.

#4 Posted by Gamer_152 (14281 posts) -

You might want to read some reviews first, and whatever you do I'd just advise staying clear of the Mad Moxxi DLC, that thing was awful.

#5 Edited by Devil240Z (3850 posts) -

@psylah said:

The Moxxi DLC and the claptrap robot bullshit is supposed to be the worst DLC, like, ever.

Really I thought moxxi and the zombie one were the worst and claptrap and knoxx were supposed to be good.

#6 Posted by Devil240Z (3850 posts) -

I should clarify that I sort of intend to get all four characters to level 61. just as I am doing with Borderlands 2.

I played alot of the first game but I only ever played as mordecai.

#7 Posted by MentalDisruption (1719 posts) -

If you want to put that much time into it, sure. I still feel like Borderlands 1 does the whole fun factor a lot better than Borderlands 2. You'll probably notice a distinct lack of the polish that Borderlands 2 has though. As far as the dlc goes, Dr.Neds is good, Moxxi's is only good in co-op with friends, Knoxx is the dlc to play out of all of them, and robolution is good.

#8 Posted by RawknRo11a (555 posts) -

General Knoxx DLC is awesome. The Clap-Trap one is great as well other than the collectibles.

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