Should I try to play this again?

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I remember my brother bought this back when it came out, we played split-screen co-op a bit, and as far as we got into the "story" was beating the first boss. I played it very few times after that, we both thought the game was boring. I'm not sure if it's entirely to do with the fact the game has little story, but as far as I've played on and off, the environments were just barren wasteland after barren wasteland.

Would there be a point in the game where I hit an interesting setting set up? I guess whatever I've seen so far, which is about an hour or three worth of the game, I just didn't see a lot to motivate me to go further. By the way, can I choose any character I want and get the same results for them all? I kind of just want to do whatever I want, 'cause I know they all have their specs. I want to be Brick, but I don't want to be him if the system's strict. Hopefully you know what I mean by the latter question.

I have no problem playing this game on my own, so just keep that in mind, 'cause recommending that I get someone to play it with isn't necessary for me to have a good time.

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Do you like shooting dudes?
Do you like completeing meaningless tasks for XP to feel that sweet feeling of leveling up?
Do you like getting sweet loot do equip on your character?
If you answered yes to these questions then give a game a shot. The story is ok, the only part i enjoyed is  with the claptraps.  I would highly recomend getting the DLC, and if you don't have it you could probably pick up a game of the year edition new for 20 bucks.
Its the same story for all the characters, if u want do a speed run  pick the girl. System is not really that strick in the sense there is separate character trees and they each specialize is different types of weapons.

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Doesn't sound like Borderlands will ever really appeal to you. It has MMO-stylings throughout, meaning a story that, while entertaining if you read the quest text, doesn't go out of its way to engage you. To add, the environments do not change a whole lot. the DLC does help this a bit, but, in general, it maintains the wasteland motif throughout.

Now, if you suddenly end up getting a kick where you really want to play some sort of loot based RPG (and shoot shit!) either with yourself (or with friends again. Games like this end up being much more fun with a friend around, generally), and have no real care about story or drastically changing environments then this is the game for you.

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If collecting cool guns wasn't enough to take you into that game the first time you played it, it isn't going to get any better.

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@NTM: Hit an interesting set up? No, not really. The story is not really a major point of this game (although I find the Universe appealing). If you like shooting dudes and see numbers pop out of them and if you like loot then this game is for you. If not, I find it hard to recommend.

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@NTM I know you said that you wouldn't mind playing it by yourself, but I personally enjoyed my experience much more with 3 other friends and I am sure others had a similar experience. From what I recall environments do change (some dlcs change the environments quite dramatically) as there are a few interior locations, but you will be very familiar with the wasteland look by the end of the game. The bottom line is the story is not important, leveling up, loot lust and playing with friends are the main reasons that I played borderlands and the dlcs. Like the posts above each character has a different skill tree that predisposes them to some weapons and playstyles, feel free to look them up for a better idea. From what you have told us it doesn't look like Borderlands is your type of game (which is fine!).

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Selecting different characters will affect the drop rates of the different weapons. When I used Brick I got a lot more shotguns and rocket launchers. When I used Lilith I got more SMGs and elemental weapons. I imagine the hunter would get more sniper riffles and revolvers while the soldier gets more riffles.

The four or five over worlds are all pretty much barren wastelands. The second main over world is a huge open area designed for vehicle combat with camps scattered around and the third is a large town with wasteland outskirts.The dungeons are the interesting areas though. Places like the cave where the midget king lives and the abandoned city mix it up some. The final area or two there you are fighting guardians is pretty different too.

Even though there is almost no plot Borderlands is known for having a terrible ending.

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Resurrecting this thread because I played (or tried to) earlier today.

This game just refuses to interest me. All my buddies love this game, but there's just something about the balance of the game in co-op (especially regarding characters of even slightly different levels) that doesn't really tickle me. And the singleplayer puts me to sleep almost immediately.

I don't know. Just one of those games whose hype and gaming experience never matched up.

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If you played up to the first boss and was bored the entire time, then I seriously doubt trying to pick it back up will bring you any satisfaction.

If you still have the game sitting around, though, then I'd say give it another shot. No harm in that, and you might find that you enjoy it this time around. But if you were planning on buying it again, I wouldn't - I said "might" meaning that you probably won't, but there's a small chance you will.

As for the story? Nah. Some bits and pieces here and there are amusing, but most of it is a very thin excuse plot.

EDIT: Never mind, this thread is old. Ooops.

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It's more like Boredomlands.

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I totally understand people not liking this game because of all the back and forth and lack of story - but I have sunkclose to 200 hours into this game and I'm still picking it up from time to time. Played it from day one on Steam, but switched to 360 when the GOTY version came out.

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