Steam GOTY Trouble

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With the recent Steam sale, I picked up the Borderlands GOTY Edition. I'm having trouble submitting the code for The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned.  
When I fast travel to Jakobs' Cove, the loading screen goes never ends, as I'm supposed to Alt-Tab out of the game, where there's a window to type in the code. When the window pops up, I can't bring anything else up on screen. A browser, the desktop, anything. I typed in the code for Dr. Ned, and the window said it was incorrect.  
Anyone else having this issue?

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Copy (to your clipboard) the cdkey from the steam overlay before you load into Dr Ned. When it brings up the window, then just paste it. I had the exact same issue you had and this worked for me. Hope it helps!

edit: you'll want to do the same for Underdome Riot and I think for the Armory as well. For some reason, you need to enter the cdkey for Robot Revolution.

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run the game in a window by pressing ALT+ENTER. Then you'll see the code entry window.

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Thanks, both of you. It's working now.  
Which Key do I use for the Armory and RR, the Dr. Ned one?

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@DonutFever: Oops sorry, I meant to say for some reason, you don't need to enter the key for Robot Revolution. Does Steam give you a key for the Armory too? If not then you don't need to enter a key for that either.

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There are only keys for Dr. Ned and Moxxi, I think. Everything else will work out of the install.

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@PrimeSynergy: Nope, just Dr. Ned and Mad Moxxi. Thanks!

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