Steam Preload is up!

#1 Posted by Geared (2 posts) -

The steam preload for Borderlands is up. (Some people have been having a steam message saying "There are too many connections to steam cannot download")

#2 Posted by cinemandrew (711 posts) -
@Geared: Just tried and got that message. Damn.
#3 Posted by Mesklinite (804 posts) -

Geared, mine stopping your preload so I can get in going?
#4 Posted by cinemandrew (711 posts) -

Booyah! Got it started now. Too bad I still have to wait another 4 days...

#5 Posted by kwyee (234 posts) -

Thanks for the heads up.  I got that message initially too, but it started to work on the 2nd try, after a few minutes.
Any suggestions for what to do for the next 4 days...?

#6 Posted by eezo (284 posts) -

there´s a trick! 
if you change your location to say Africa, you will allways get connection, well because there are like  5 people that pre ordered the game there :P

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