Steam problem. Help?

#1 Posted by TheGremp (2082 posts) -

Yes, I'm going to be a total noob and post a "halp?" thread. 
I got Borderlands, and it downloaded just fine.  When I start it up, it has to do a "first time setup".  It says 
"Installing: amdcpusetup.exe (Step 1 of 2)", and has been sitting there for about 30 minutes.  How long did this take for you guys?  My firewalls and security deals are all deactivated and all that. 
Any idea what's happening?

#2 Posted by Geno (6768 posts) -

Try restarting Steam. You could also skip the setup most likely. 

#3 Posted by TheGremp (2082 posts) -

Ok, it got past that after 45 minutes or so... Now it says ""Borderlands Failed to start. (error code 83)". Anyone else gotten this?

#4 Posted by nick69 (639 posts) -

Had the failed to start happen to me also earlier today. 
Restart steam and it will work.

#5 Posted by JoelTGM (5782 posts) -

restart steam, and if you still have problems go to steam support and log in, or make a support account if you haven't already (it's a separate account from your steam account), then ask a question about it.

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