Wait, what? What's the point of system link in Borderlands?

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So last night I brought my 360 over to a friends place because they wanted me to level them up a bit. We were gonna set up a system link game, with them two on their TV and me on mine. But when I go to start the match, only 1 person could join. I thought maybe we has set some settings wrong, so I tried again with different variation - I tried making the host console the console with 2 players, yet nothing. 

So let's just think about this... doesn't only allowing 1 player per console in a system link ruin the whole idea of a system link? If the game can be played in splitscreen then why can't you just join another game being played over splitscreen? The game has the ability the have 4 players in one world at once yet they're telling me I need 4 consoles and 4 TVs if I wanted to play system link with 4 players?

Someone please tell me if there's a workaround for this or if I'm missing something.
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To be fair, menus/maps/mission information/inventory screens are a pain in split screen.  But yeah, being unable to play it with four people while system linked doesn't really make sense.

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Wish I would have seen this sooner :| Tried to get a 4 person game going tonight with some friends and ran into the 1 per console problem. Ended up playing splitscreen for a bit and then put in other games with proper splitscreen/systemlink support. Wish more games would offer the feature.

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Atleast it has split screen and system link capabilities. A lot of games don't have either.

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That's unfortunate.  My system linking experiences have been limited to Halo, which works really well.

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