What Pearlescent weapons do you have?

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I'm currently playing through the General Knoxx DLC on Playthrough 2, and I'm using my Pearlescent pistol through the whole thing. The pistol itself does lots of shock damage and corrosive damage with almost every shot, holds 19 bullets in one mag, and shoots pretty fast. Oh, and the accuracy is great. What Pearlescent guns have you picked up?

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" *zip* "
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I think I have 6+ days worth of playing time, at least 1 day worth of General Knoxx, and no Pearlescent weapons...then again I never took down Crawmerax (which I'm assuming is the best chance of finding one).

Fuck, I should play more Borderlands...

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" @DanielJW said:
" *zip* "
Clever "
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" @natetodamax said:
" @DanielJW said:
" *zip* "
Clever "
<3 "
You have a girlfriend!
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I've got a level 13 pearlescent repeater and a level 40-ish shotgun, both on the PC version.  I didn't actually find these - they were given to me by different people I've played with.  The repeater has excellent damage, with corrosive and shock damage, as well as a massive clip (that's what she said).  The shotgun does primarily corrosive damage.
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Are pearlescent weapons only from the Knoxx DLC?

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@xyzygy said:
" Are pearlescent weapons only from the Knoxx DLC? "
I think so. And you can pretty much only get a pearlescent weapon from Crawmerax as far as I know.
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I haven't played Borderlands in months but I think I have maybe 4 or 5 pearlescent weapons. They aren't very good though.

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An Undertaker.  On my Blaster-spec Brick  :D

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I have a really nice Steel Undertaker that does 2008 damage and has an 8-round mag. It does a lot more splash damage than normal launchers, too. I didn't find it from Crawmerax, though. I got it from the lance chest you find from jumping on top of those two large pumps, near where you activate the energy bridge. Those chests almost always have good loot.

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@ricetopher: Killer instinct <3
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My brother somehow ended up on a modded setup on 360 and got a Pearlescent with 258,000+ damage, as well as a shield with over a million points of shield... 
...at level 33.

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@jakob187 said:
" My brother somehow ended up on a modded setup on 360 and got a Pearlescent with 258,000+ damage, as well as a shield with over a million points of shield...  ...at level 33. "
Oh so that's what those shields are. I never knew the stats. I hate those assholes.
As for pearlescents, I have the SMG (I forget the name), but it's really not all that good. The special bullets (alternates between shock, corrosive and normal) are too slow, even with lillith firing them, but it's semi useful for taking down the flying patrol robots in Knoxx. 
You really only need an Orion sniper rifle, Hellfire SMG, and a Pestilent Defiler revolver to kill anything in this game - crawmerax included. The fourth slot I usually put in a... umm... I think it's called a vicious crux, which is an explosive shotgun that has a massive spread and is extremely useful for taking down Rakk (it's the best weapon for taking down Mothrakk, by the way), and good for the horde wave in Moxxie. Plus they're all orange ranked, and can all be found at the weapon vendors early on. If you're dueling with someone normal, the Orion will pretty much end it first shot.

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