Who wants to play borderlands?

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Recently I just got a soldier to lvl 50, but some modders came into my game while I was away and modded my health and shield up to like 50k each. I couldn't get rid of it for anything, and was disappointed and pissed. So I just deleted my character. Now I want to do another playthrough but with a hunter or berserker next. If anyone is interested in starting a fresh round of borderlands with no mods or cheats hit me up. From what I've been seeing a lot of lately, is just that. Modded guns everywhere. It kind of saddens me. =( lol
Edit: Want to play on the Xbox 360. Gamertag - TinoXtreme

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What platform?

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Oh I'm sorry for not posting that. For the Xbox 360.

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Eurgh really, modded guns on 360? damn, thats going to be a problem for me i get it christmas and wanted to play online =[

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@TinoXtreme: Ah. I would play with you but I've only got it for the PS3, sorry.
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@Downandout: Play with friends only, or at least in my opinion. I don't trust those who are online, modders and what not. 
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@Grim_Fandango: Thats what i'm gonna do, but my friends aren't usually online much and if they are its MW2 ¬¬
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@Downandout: I know how you feel. Most of my friends picked up borderlands the first couple weeks, beat the game, then traded it in for their next fix. Thats why I'm trying to find some legit people who like the challenge of the game. Not blowing away bosses with one shot. lol
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@TinoXtreme: I'm not as much worried about those weapons but what you said about them hacking your shields up to 50k and stuff =/
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@Downandout: Yea it was crazy man. It was some money mod shield glitch that was showing up as "Impenetrable"  on my shield. And it showed up more than once under the sell items menu. I couldn't sell it for anything, couldn't drop it, and couldn't switch it. Pretty much, it's a mod you can't get off unless you delete your character.
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hmmm.. modded guns on 360? that would probably explain why some guy had a gun that shot hundreds of little balls into the sky that exploded when they hit the ground/

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@TinoXtreme: So stupid, i've decided i'm only playing with friends no way this shit is ruining my lvl 50 melee brick when i make him =D
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@Bubahula: Yea. Its crazy man. Like I saw this combat rifle that had over 3800 x 3, with +1600% damage. It took down the last boss in like 3 - 4 hits. lol
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@Downandout: It's probably the best thing you can do until they come out with patches for them to stop modding. But I doubt that won't be until a while.
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@TinoXtreme:  While I won't have a headset until after x-mas (stepped on mine ) I'm definitely up for running a new character. Add my gamertag KumaJr
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@Rorschach: Thanks man. I added you just now.
Anyone else want to start a new game up?
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Yeah the whole modded gear stuff is out of hand in BL.  I played last night w/two of my best XBL friends, and they were both sporting modded guns.  Their both playing endgame characters and prolly getting bored of the game granted, but I still won't go down the broken game path, and I think it made them uncomfortable a bit.  Anyway, tc I still wanna level a Siren from 20 to 50, and I'm down for that when u get there.  Hit me up, and we'll get together at some point.   GT=PWEID5 
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@pweidman: Ah duder, I've a hunter, level 25, I need to start leveling him up, so when you're all around there, I might hit you up =D
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im playing my level 50 right now, my friend has my headset though. i have a bunch of extra alien and legendary guns if you want too lol.
gamertag: KevinSupreme

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Pretty much 50-60% of public players use modded weapons. Every other game has a freaking Rainmaker (the thing that launches the ball grenades), which lags the game to a slideshow. The worse part is the 13 year old kid who thinks he is so cool cause he has a modified weapon that "rapes butt".

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Oh I barely got this game for Christmas wanted to get it from day one but I didn't have the money I'm a sucker for these type of games if you need someone to play with hit me up GT:TrouserSnake300

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My GT is SneakyPenguins send me a friend request invite message whatever, i need people to play with for Mad Moxie DLC
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I just got the game for Christmas, I'm looking for folks to play. I'm around level 17 or so. GT Sovietdancnbear. 

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I'm always down for borderlands.  If anyone wants to start fresh with lvl 1's or do some of the Mad Moxxi dlc with 50's, I'd be down.  GT: Turkfinn

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If anyone still cares I'll play. I would also like to start some lvl 1's

GT: Adhesivegernade

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I havent played in a while, but I pulled it out the other day with Saints Row Three. GT: fasterzombie

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