Would I still have new level cap if I deleted General Knoxx DLC?

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So I deleted the General Knoxx DLC on my 360 harddrive because I only have a 20GB drive and, as you can imagine, I'm running out of space on the drive constantly.  I played the DLC for a bit with a friend and I really liked it, except that it was hard as hell.  I just need to level up a bit more on my second playthrough (I'm like level 54 right now).  I'm not at my house during the week, so I don't have internet connected to my 360, but I've been having an itch to level up more in Borderlands.  Would I still get the level 61 level cap even though I deleted the DLC?  Normally, I wouldn't think so, but I'm higher than level 50 because I've already played the DLC on my 360 and everything. 
Much appreciated GB!

#2 Posted by sawfish22 (237 posts) -

Nobody knows this?  Really? 
I just don't want to mess up my Borderlands save by doing this and I'd like to know before I try it (since Borderlands only has auto-save).

#3 Posted by 2Thumbs (97 posts) -

Copy your save to a usb drive/memory card to back it up and try it.
I expect no one knows because they've never had to remove it from their drive.

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Wow! I have no idea, but that makes me hella curious.

#5 Posted by sawfish22 (237 posts) -

I didn't bother trying this yet because I just re-downloaded General Knoxx, but I might someday.  I'll make a post if I ever try it out.

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