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Borderlands Review

Borderlands has a sleek look, great gameplay, and terrific sound.


I have been closely following Borderlands every since it was officially announced back in 07. I'm not going to lie I liked the old art style, but not because it was better looking, but because it was a safe bet. You know what you are getting when you get that gray and brown art style. I cannot stress how happy i was when i saw the first screenshot of the new art style i was astonished by how amazingly good the game looked now it was fresh and unique, I am so glad that Gearbox decided to go with this art style.


Borderlands takes the gameplay of a game like Call of Duty 4 and mixes it with the RPG elements of a game like World of Warcraft. Now i say World of Warcraft because you don't put points into strength and stamina like so many other RPG's. You instead just put points into a skill tree. There are three skill trees that you are able to put points into. Every class has three different skill tree paths, you can mix the trees together and be a jack of all trades of sorts.

If your looking for a very involving story with fun side quests, look elsewhere. The closest game i can compare the questing to is a game like World of Warcraft.

This is a perfect example of really needing a trading system. I have on more then a few occasions dropped a item and had it just disappear on me. Here's hopping they somehow put that in as a free piece of DLC even though that's very unlikely.


Oh my god the sound in this game is outstanding. From the screams of your enemy's to the passive comments that your character makes. The games sound is just terrific. The music in the game is another thing i want to praise. I don't know if I'm the only one but the music in the game had a very Firefly feel to it, one trap sounded dead on like it was pulled from the show itself. I am buying the soundtrack to this game as soon as it comes on sale.

Final Word

Borderlands is a nice mesh of FPS & RPG elements and is a blast playing with friends. If you haven't already, pick this game up or at least rent it.

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